Spectacle in La Souterraine

21 March 2019

The successful expo weekend in Denmark was immediately followed by a new transborder challenge. This time, Karin and Stefan were the ones to head for La Souterraine in France. We manned the booth at the 1ères Assises Nationales Santé Secours et Territoires, together with Cédric Wolsleger, the director of our French dealer W.I. Consulting.

Assises Nationales Santé Secours et Territoires

The Assises Nationales Santé Secours et Territoires were organized for the first time and focused on new developments throughout health care, first aid and a safe domestic environment. Inside the cultural centre of La Souterraine there was room for lectures while the adjacent room was equipped with various information and demonstration stands to illustrate the discussed issues and to show what’s new. In France, the fire department is divided into several specialist divisions. The SPV and SPP for instance focus on fighting fires, while the SSSM is a division of first responders with various backgrounds like medical, pharmaceutical or veterinary. Considering the wide variety in specialist fields within the French fire department, we weren’t surprised to see that the larger part of the visitors of the FireWare/W.I. Consulting booth were firefighters. We proposed various demonstrations of innovative training materials, like the Nebula AR, the mini PPV-trainer and the projection cabin: the F.I.I.T.

Start young…

During the second expo day, we welcomed young firefighters who had been granted leave of absence from school to visit the expo and learn about new developments. The youngsters were very enthusiastic to participate in every demonstration. There were even a few very young youth members who knew how to effectively perform CPR. We found ourselves confronted with future skilled firefighters!

A ton of attention

The animated demonstrations presented in the F.I.I.T. drew the expo visitors’ vivid attention and our booth was plunged with interested visitors. The local camera crew also paid us a visit and captured our activities on camera for local reporting.

Full speed ahead!

Of course, we want to share our training materials and experiences with as many people as possible and what better way to reach the larger public than to attend other events? Therefore, we have joined our Belgian distributor Hobrand Algebra at the XPO 112 in Kortrijk, Belgium, and simultaneously, we presented ourselves yet again in France on 4, 5 and 6 April, where we demonstrated our products in Paris with W.I.Consulting at the Secours Expo.