Mini PPV Trainer

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  • Including smoke generator, wireless remote control, smoke liquid and 2 ventilators.
  • To demonstrate repressive ventilation.
  • Suitable to exercise over pressure.
  • Consists of a basement, ground floor, first floor and attic.
  • Possible to vary the number of floors.
  • Rooms can be filled with smoke independently.
  • Fitted with sliding windows and doors for variable flow.
  • Standard in a solid flight case for transportation and storage.
  • Including 3 small and 3 large seats of fire.
  • All slides are marked, so they can be named seperately.
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Demonstrate and practise with repressive ventilation

With the Mini Positive Pressure Ventilation Trainer you can demonstrate and experiment with the method of operation concerning repressive ventilation. The transparent house has a basement, ground floor, first floor and attic. One part operates as the staircase. You can unlink and remove floors to make the building smaller. As a result the trainer is also easy to clean.

The over pressure trainer contains a smoke channel. From the outside slides can be opened allowing smoke to flow in to the desired rooms. All rooms can be filled with smoke independently. The windows, doors and dormer windows can open. In order to simulate discharges the floors have been fitted with slides. The various repressive techniques are exercised and studied with the 2 ventilators.

The Mini PPV Trainer comes standard with a flight case that can be used as a base when used. This creates a comfortable working platform and allows walking around the trainer. The set contains all floors, 1 smoke generator, 5 litre of smoke liquid and 2 ventilators.

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60 x 54 x 102 cm, Plotted 60 x 54 x 172 cm

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