FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer

  • Scenario cabin with various animated incidents
  • Realistic training environment through projection, animation, decor, sound and light effects
  • Stage different scenarios within a second
  • Instructor can influence the scenario remotely via iPad or smartphone
  • Also for exercises with a LOTUS victim or resuscitation dummy
  • Existing users are involved in new developments.
  • Set consists of 3 beamers, projection screens, supporting structure, sound and light installation, control and mounting
  • Customization as a guideline
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Unique training experience in a scenario cabin

Challenge trainees by offering a customized training experience? The FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer (F.I.I.T.) is a unique training solution whereby people witness a projected incident happening on screen and are then urged to act accordingly. From the moment an incident occurs and responding to it, to the handoff to the ambulance, the F.I.I.T. cover all phases of the incident. Thanks to the large number of different scenarios available, each participant will have his or her own training experience. You can choose to work with a LOTUS victim or a resuscitation dummy. The character in the animations is also easy recognisable as the resuscitation dummy.

Include all students in the evaluation

Instructors observe all the activities in the scenario cabins from the waiting room with the aid of an advanced, optional video system, and provide feedback afterwards. The next trainee that enters the cabin will face a new scenario. Do your trainees act according to the incident’s needs? Evaluate their skills with the F.I.I.T.!

Full range of a tense situation

The F.I.I.T. addresses all senses. The scenario is projected on three walls and is supported by light and audio effects. The instructor operates the installation from a smartphone and/or tablet, without having to install dedicated software. An accident is quickly staged. Do you have access to additional tablets? These can be effortlessly turned into a practice AED or combustible gases detector. A resuscitation dummy (AMBUMAN) can be swiftly introduced into the setting. These different options allow you to discuss and train other issues than just life-saving efforts.

Large number of scenarios

When the installation is set up and the controls are in place, it is time to activate the F.I.I.T. and to explore its content and scenarios. At present, we offer various settings. For example a company canteen, day care centre, warehouse, nursing home, airport or swimming pool. Within these settings, a diversity of incidents can be created. Think of a heart failure, epileptic seizure, traffic incidents, cuts and insect bites. The sky is the limit!

Developments in full swing

Options are continuously developed and expanded. We look forward to hearing your ideas for a new setting or scenario. The F.I.I.T. is updated four times a year. These updates make new settings, incidents and features available to the users. The
users decide which option is prioritized. To this end, we organise a user day twice a year, where you can interact with other users and exchange ideas.

Every set in installation is different. Contact us for a custom quote or for a showroom visit to watch the Interactive Incident Trainer live!

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