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Creating realistic training environments

FireWare is all about creating realistic training environments. The means to this end is very diverse, with one common factor: they all are realistic, identifiable and interactive. Thus, the message our clients wish to spread will be better remembered, and we assist in realizing the ultimate training goal.

The products we sell and let out are at the very origin of it all. A realistic simulation will only be possible if the proper materials are employed. FireWare prefers working alongside you as a partner. Your current situation will be transformed into a perfectly customized training facility together with you. Your contribution in this process is as extensive as you wish. FireWare can help you with:

  • Establishing the training objectives;
  • Choosing the most effective means (mobile or fixed training centre, escape room, simulation, interactive road show, etc);
  • Choosing the right special effects (flames, smoke, sound, etc.);
  • The method of control;
  • The required look;
  • Small adjustments which will make your installation suitable for multiple purposes.

Brainstorming without strings attached

Curious about what FireWare could add to your project? Then why not come and see us for some no obligation brainstorming! Do make sure you make an appointment first, ensuring the right people are here and have plenty of time for you. The brainstorming room in Wieringerwerf is equipped with all possible luxuries, since we are convinced that all great accomplishments emerge from good ideas and a well-planned approach. Are you curious about the steps that follow the brainstorming session in order to reach the final result? We invite you to have a look at the information below about Project Approach.

In addition, FireWare offers the possibility of using the Lego® Serious Play® method for concept development. This method deploys Lego® bricks to answer questions, to find solutions for challenges and to get to know each other better. Curious about the Lego® Serious Play® method? We will tell you all about it below.

Project approach

Lego® Serious Play®

Content creation

In recent years, FireWare has regularly made a major contribution to the development of various training centres in the Netherlands and abroad. From total concept design to experience design and from the integration of learning and teaching goals to future-proofing studies. This room is equipped with a 3D printer, large format plotter, cutting plotter, CNC bench, laser cutter, laser engraving machine and many other tools. Click the image below to read what we can do for your (design) project.

Besides, the FireWare studio is ideal for recording (live) webinars, ELOs and learning films. Are you curious why the FireWare studio is so special? Click the image below for all the information you are looking for.

FireWare CreaLab

FireWare Studio

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