Interactive training tool “Corporal Tim” tests knowledge about burns fully automated

Training center RBOC Fort Markenbinnen has a unique interactive training tool to test the knowledge of students in the field of burn wounds. The fictional military “Corporal Tim” challenges participants to answer all kinds of questions about cause, prevention, symptoms and actions in case of skin burns.

The design of Corporal Tim's takes social abstinence into account. At RBOC Fort Markenbinnen, the game can be set up in such a way that 3 students receive training in burns at the same time, at a safe distance from each other. The decor can also be spread over a larger surface. Then, many more students can practice in a safe way. Since the game is fully automated, there is no need for physical contact with a real emergency response instructor. This role is completely filled by the corporal!

The game

Students enter a space that is completely furnished in a military setting. The game starts with the push of a button. Corporal Tim wakes up from his sleep and starts to tell about his hectic days on a mission in a desert area. With examples of specific situations, questions and explanations, the section of burns is treated. Students answer the questions by standing on a tile. An “A” and “B” tile are lying in the playing field, completely in the style of the experience. Corporal Tim counts down and the correct answer then lights up green, while the wrong answer turns red. It is immediately clear to the student whether the answer is right or wrong and the corporal will explain why.

Technology and experience

The new experience at RBOC Fort Markenbinnen is fully supported by technology. Corporal Tim is a completely hand drawn character, projected onto a doll. Tim's eyes blink and when he speaks his mouth moves with the tones of the words. Also, the ignition of clothing and the body can be projected. Every question the corporal asks is asked again in a different formulation. Moreover, the video animation comes to life in the spectacular setting. During the game, lighting effects and background sounds provide a complete experience. Emergency response training does not have to be boring in the social distancing society!

All over the area you can find materials that remind the student of a military camp, such as an army tent, ammunition box and bivouacs. As a result, this interactive lesson is completely in the style of the monumental fortress in Markenbinnen.


Corporal Tim uses gamification techniques to keep students fully engaged in class. The game element makes the course both more fun and more challenging. The student's learning result increases significantly! Curious about other FireWare projects where gamification techniques have been applied? Also take a look at the portfolio items of The Mine, The Fire Security Game and our didactic escape rooms!

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