“The Fire Safety Game” attracts BVL to the attention of the Safety and Health Region of Gelderland Midden

Safety and Health Region Gelderland-Midden (VGGM) has a well very cool interactive solution to raise awareness on fire safety. A box is which made freely available within the region, and has been adapted into a beautiful container information box!

The Game

The Fire Safety Game uses game strategy. Around the information container you find eight pillars, each with its own safety issues. At each column participants play a short game. This may be just a question, but also a small order. The outcome of this game will be filled in on a response form.

The issues of the pillars are:

  • Fire escape
  • Flash in the pan
  • CO
  • Smoke detectors
  • Chimneys
  • Connector blocks
  • Filters and dryers

Once all games are played and all outcomes completed, participants join the container. As they walk towards it they play the last question. The forms will be checked by the game leaders and if everything is completed well, participants receive a cool gadget!

Advantageously furnished

The new container of the security region is highly practical. The storage facility has enough space for a generator and a crate contention for Euro containers. This space is used during transport for storage for the columns. They are fixed by means of load bars and rail cargo during transport. In addition lots of additional elements can be included, for example the fire investigation team.

The entire system is installed within minutes. At the moment all the elements are outside, it appears like a fire station. This empty space is being used as a playing field for the last question. When the tailgate is opened, it creates a counter. Here the Game Masters share the answer sheets and pens to the participants, and also check the answer sheets.

High attraction value and future-proof design

The existing container of the Safety and Health Region Gelderland Midden (VGGM) was formerly used as COPI container. Using internal and external signage by Rebo Reclame it completely transforms into a contemporary awareness vehicle. The system has a high appeal to a broad audience.

The great value of the design is in its versatility. The entire educational game can be built in a compact floor space, but also "extended" over a whole festival area. The content of the games is easy to adjust. The whole guidance solution is future-proof!

Co creation

The project has a maximum target for co-creation. FireWare was responsible for the design, specialist knowledge and equipment. The technical department of the security region then took up responsibility for adapting the container and the actual realisation. Obviously this has produced a positive influence on the investment amount.

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