The Mine as a teaching aid at the RBOC Fort Markenbinnen training centre

The RBOC Fort Markenbinnen training centre is located in the monumental Markenbinnen fort, one of the forts that makes up the Defence Line of Amsterdam (the Stelling van Amsterdam). We have created an exciting game involving landmines for this extraordinary location. The Mine has been designed to be wholly in keeping with the setting, making it a unique experience for young and old alike!

Multifaceted and in keeping with the style

Up to ten people can participate in The Mine. The field consists of ten rows of four individual tiles. The well-considered design of the tiles echoes the atmosphere of the location. The field of play can be set up either indoors or outdoors and is ready in just a few minutes.

Fire-fighting and first aid

The objective of the game is to walk a route across the field of play without standing on a mine. As they enter the field the participants are handed a modified pair of binoculars. They are only able to read questions on a modified screen using the binoculars. The questions revolve around the themes of fire-fighting and first aid.

Each tile corresponds to one of the answers on the screen. Course participants answer a question  by walking to the corresponding tile in the next row. When they answer correctly, a cheer is broadcast and the participant may proceed to answer the next question. If the answer is incorrect, the mine explodes and the participant must go right back to the start. The sound of the explosion is created using an explosion simulator.

Once the participant has answered all the questions correctly, a chest opens containing an object required for the endgame.


The Mine employs gamification techniques, with gaming elements used to make the course both more fun and more challenging. FireWare has been familiar with gamification techniques for an extended period, and FireWare projects in which gamification elements have been used include the Raging Reporter, our Van Vlam educational vehicle and our didactical escape rooms.

Operating comfort for the instructor

Once instructions have been provided, the instructor can easily set up the game, with only a  tablet or smartphone required. The system can handle three sets of questions, and aside from the questions dealing with fire-fighting and first aid, the RBOC Fort Markenbinnen database also contains questions for children. That makes The Mine a perfect idea for kids' parties!

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