Bernadette presents: Trigion’s Mobile Training Unit!

17 December 2019

During the second quarter of 2019 we created the foundations for a new and inspiring partnership between Trigion Safety Opleidingen and FireWare. For many years two mobile training units owned by Trigion Brand en Beveiligingstechniek (TBBT) have travelled throughout the Netherlands in order to provide on-site emergency response training. FireWare was commissioned to design and fit out a multimedia mobile training centre in order to replace one of these training units.

During the first quarter of 2020 participants in Trigion courses will be welcomed to a brand-new vehicle, with much hard work going into the trailer over the last few months. The rough outlines have already taken shape, and eventually it will be equipped with a game room, the F.I.I.T. interactive training environment and a technical area.

Interactive, challenging and practical

In the game room course participants are challenged to respond as quickly as possible to a wide range of emergency response questions. The star of the game room is the robot Bernadette, with her head a monitor displaying questions and providing feedback. The robot is modelled wholly in the corporate culture style of the Facilicom Group, Trigion's parent company.

Aside from the game room, Trigion's mobile solution will also feature an area containing a F.I.I.T. where participants will be guided through the entire process of a simulated accident. Trigion's unit will have both the standard features as well as a practice fire hose reel, practice extinguishers, a fire alarm unit, an AED and a first aid kit. LED technology will be used for the fire extinguishing simulations, which means that residual products will no longer be part of the equation and the drivers will not be required to perform as much physical labour.

Meanwhile, the technical space will hold the battery that powers all the devices as well as a storage space and a charging station for tablet computers and walkie-talkies.

Covering the entire cycle of a simulated accident

'The purpose of the mobile training unit is to make participants aware that every action has an impact when it comes to an emergency response,' says Karin Stok, consultancy and training manager at Trigion. An emergency response naturally entails much more than just practicing resuscitation techniques on a mannequin. Emergency responders see an accident occurring and are responsible for acting quickly and informing the emergency services. This is why course participants will go through the entire cycle for every simulation in the F.I.I.T.: witness, report, act and transfer to the emergency services.

All possible scenarios are practiced under the supervision of the instructor, and course takers can also watch what is happening in the exercise room and learn from their colleagues on a large screen in the game room.


Trigion's mobile training unit is crammed with innovations. 'Lately, we have seen a large number of developments that we wanted to utilise, from gamification through to corporate social responsibility (CSR),' recounts Karin Stok. Gamification will be used in the game room in order to stimulate participant behaviour, and their expertise will be raised to another level through both fun and educational elements.

A sustainable solution

The trailer is presently ready to have the individual rooms installed. The interactive scenarios mean that Trigion can constantly upgrade its emergency response exercises without the vehicle itself requiring modifications. Thanks to this aspect, the trailer is guaranteed a long life.

Moreover, every participant can receive a completely new training programme each year that corresponds as closely as possible to their individual points for improvement and the courses they have previously taken. That makes this mobile solution future-proof!

Teaser video

If you'd like to know what our co-creation with Trigion will eventually look like, then watch Bernadette introduce the Mobile Training Unit in the teaser video below.

If you'd like to know more about the mobile training unit, then don't forget to also take a look at Trigion's website!

Read more about this mobile training unit? Then have a look at the Trigion website!