Various fires with fire penetration at exercise “Proeftuin”

10 December 2019

During three evenings in November 2019, team FireWare was allowed to support the Safety and Health Region of Gelderland-Midden with monodisciplinary cluster exercises. Forces, commanders and duty officers from Gelderland-Midden were challenged to practice safely and effectively in the context of technical assistance and firefighting.

Identical exercises were performed on the three different evenings. The scenario starts with a rear-end collision at a centre for research in Randwijk. As a result of that, the front vehicle collides head-on with a stack of wooden boxes. Both the vehicle as the wooden boxes catch fire. Fire penetrates the building as the crates are being stacked against its wall. Therefore units face various dilemmas. For the staging of the fires, the Safety and Health Region appealed to the expertise and rental fleed of FireWare.

Realistic staging

A combination of real fire and simulated fire was used for the fires at the outdoor area. By placing two Vesta fire extinguishers around the vehicles, the units were given the opportunity to extinguish real fires. With the help of Flammable Gel, the roof of the front vehicle caught fire as well.

Where there is fire, there is smoke. For a realistic smoke image, 2 Stratus smoke generator were used in combination with Outdoor smoke fluid. With the help of a Smoke Hose set, the smoke generators were positioned some way from the staging. As a result, it was possible to practice with water. The flame image was completed by placing Phoenix Silkflames and FireSpots.

Fire penetration

Simulated fire was used for the staging of the building fire. Two Stratus smoke generators and Heavy smoke fluid fabricated a realistic smoke layer in the building. In combination with 2 Phoenix Silkflames, this created a very realistic flame image!

We loved to support with this fire staging. It was also nice to be able to give the units a number of tips during the construction of our staging. Want to know how our expertise and rental fleet can make the difference for your practice? We are happy to brainstorm without obligation!

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