Phoenix Silkflame

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  • Flame height adjustable between 0 and 200 cm
  • Equipped with an orange silk cloth, also allowing for beautiful results to be realised in daylight situations
  • Several flame images as a result of horizontal and vertical placement
  • Very powerful ventilator
  • Tiltable LED lighting
  • Built in plastic box from 60 x 40 x 32,5 cm
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Create a realistic flame image

The Phoenix Silkflame has been especially developed for use during firefighting exercises. The powerful ventilator is suitable for use in combination with high concentrations of training smoke. This silk flame is suitable for both vertical and horizontal use. Ideal for simulating more complex fires in situations where no real fire is desired.

The flame cloth’s rolling system is unique. The height of the flame is therefore adjustable between 0 and 200 cm. The LED lighting is easy to tilt, allowing for the most optimal result to be achieved with any flame height. All the metalwork consists of top quality stainless steel. The entire silk flame is built into a Euronorm case as standard. This results in a great deal of convenience during storage and transport. Open up the lid and off it goes! The detachable power cord is easy to replace in case of any wire breakage. Case dimensions: 60x 40x 32.5 cm.

Air, CO2 and the Apollo Led practice extinguishers can be used for an extinguishing exercise. With an optional plug on / off remote control, the Phoenix can also be operated wirelessly.

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