Nimbo smoke generator

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  • Can generate smoke continuously.
  • Ideal smoke machine for a training in smaller spaced rooms.
  • Warmed up in only 2 minutes.
  • Stainless steel housing, leaves no rust stains.
  • Great output for a small machine.
  • Developped for small to medium sized fire drills.
  • Wired remote control included.
  • Optional wireless remote control.
  • Including a plastic box for transport (40 x 30 x 23,5 cm).
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Compact powerhouse

The FireWare Nimbo smoke generator is a compact powerhouse for an extra dimension to your training. Where there's fire, there's smoke. Create it with the Nimbo. A fire in an office or hotel room that produces a lot of smoke? Or a cigarette smouldering in the sofa? The Nimbo helps you to create these scenarios quickly and realistically.

Minimal warm-up time

The Nimbo helps you to reduce the preparation time of your exercise. In less than 2 minutes it is ready for use. There is no need to warm up the Nimbo in between, as the machine produces smoke continuously. The smoke generator can be controlled remotely with the supplied wired remote control. This allows the exercise leader to respond to the training situation. Sometimes the students can't find the source of the fire. Then the exercise leader can add more smoke, because the fire is spreading. But if the fire extinguishing is effective, the smoke production must of course be less!

Stage a (small) fire

The Nimbo smoke generator is intended for training applications with various emergency response organisations. This 800-watt smoke machine is one of the most widely used smoke generators in ER organisations and fire brigades in the Netherlands. Police and penitentiary institutions can also make good use of the machine. In fact, this compact powerhouse is an ideal partner for all training situations in which a (small) fire is staged.

You can easily take the compact generator to the location. Therefore, use the included plastic transport case of 40 x 30 x 23,5 cm. The Nimbo heats up in the short time you need to give place to a victim. Or to simulate flames with a silkflame. Then all you have to do is add smoke to your staging. Within a few minutes, you can fill a small room with smoke, effortlessly. A little more time is needed to fill a larger space with smoke. Yet it is certainly possible.

The Nimbo is most often used with the Smoke FLuid Fire Training Universal. For larger spaces, use the FireWare Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive or Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme, as this gives a more beautiful result. For a simulation of smoke patches in a corridor, the Light smoke fluid is sufficient. When used correctly, the practice smoke does not leave a residue.

Handy size

The Nimbo smoke generator weighs 4 kg and operates on mains voltage. The smoke liquid tank holds 800 ml and the smoke machine consumes 0.8 l per hour. The Nimbo's supplied wired remote control has a range of 10 metres. Want to train cordless? Then you can also order a wireless remote control. This way, you can control the smoke generator from another room. The training is then not hindered by observers or exercise leaders who get in the way in a small space.

The Nimbo smoke generator is a valuable addition to your training materials. You can buy or rent this handy device from FireWare. The FireWare Nimbo smoke machine guarantees a successful training, every time!

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Additional information

Product size (L x W x H)

32 x 13 x 16,6 cm


4 kg


100-240 V, 800 W


Wired remote control (included)

Machine tank capacity

800 ml

Warm-up period

2 min

Rook output

85 m3

Power supply

Power plug

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