Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive

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  • The new name for FireWare Heavy smoke fluid.
  • Specially developed for indoor use.
  • Creates dense smoke.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Highly suitable for firefighting exercises.
  • Fills very large spaces, such as a warehouse.
  • Produced with double-distilled water.
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For when just a little more practice smoke is needed...

A high-performance smoke fluid for larger fire exercises

For when a little extra training smoke is needed... Hangars, warehouses, factory halls, large stairwells... All spaces where a little extra training smoke is needed during an exercise. In such cases, the Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive comes in handy! Due to the slightly higher density of the smoke and the fact that it takes a little longer for the smoke to disperse, this smoke fluid makes a difference.

Ideal for vertical smoke buildup

Every firefighter in the world knows that hot air and heat rise. However, most smoke machines are used horizontally. The Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive is specially developed to be used vertically as well. Its unique composition ensures a high density and maximum control of the smoke column's speed when used with a Cumulus or Stratus smoke machine. This allows for extremely realistic smoke images to be created!

Simulate steam formation during firefighting

When extinguishing a fire, steam is formed. With the Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive, this additional steam formation.

No residue

For 20 years FireWare has been developing smoke fluids for the emergency response industry. This latest generation of smoke fluid is designed so that, when used correctly, it leaves no residue and can still create a highly realistic smoke or vapor image. However, the staging technician should still pay attention as excessive use in a confined space can cause slight residue.

Purest ingredients

The Fire Training Intensive smoke fluid is made from the purest ingredients, making it one of the safest smoke fluids available for humans and machines. One of the main ingredients is water in its purest form! Compatible with all modern smoke machines. Fire Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive can be used in Nimbo, Cumulus, and Stratus smoke machines. Additionally, it works with all modern water-glycol smoke machines. This smoke fluid is available in 5-liter containers, 200-liter barrels, and 1000-liter IBC-containers. Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive is the new name for the FireWare Heavy smoke fluid.

Horizontal/vertical or with a Smoke Hose

This smoke fluid can be used both horizontally and vertically. It can also be used with a perforated Smoke Hose set or a sealed Smoke Hose set to simulate a line source. Watch the videos on our website to evaluate the effects!

Need lighter or denser smoke?

In addition to theSmoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive, there are also the BHV, Fire Training Universal, and Fire Training Extreme smoke fluids. Each is suitable for a different application within the emergency response industry!

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