Cirrus Battery Powered smoke machine

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  • Battery-powered;
  • Compact but powerful;
  • Warmed up in 2 seconds and ready to use;
  • Ready for use, always and everywhere;
  • Maximum smoke output over 100 m³/min;
  • Smoke output adjustable on machine or by remote control (not included);
  • Generates 10 minutes of continuous smoke on 1 battery charge;
  • Stainless steel casing;
  • Removable liquid tank;
  • Including 250 ml liquid;
  • Including plastic box 30 x 20 x 23.5 cm.
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Battery-powered smoke machine for fire drills

The FireWare Cirrus battery-powered smoke generator has been specially developed for fire brigade training. The smoke generator is portable and doesn't need to be connected to mains power. That's handy, especially at training locations where there is no power supply or working wall outlet. The Cirrus is immediately ready for use. Turn the knob and the machine generates smoke after only 2 seconds of warm-up time.

The Cirrus is a popular tool for training various emergency response teams, but especially with the fire brigade. The smoke generator is used during very diverse exercises. Think of a complex ship fire simulation, where parts of the ship are de-energised. Or perhaps a professional exercise for emergency services in a cell complex without electricity. The FireWare Cirrus can provide up to 10 minutes of continuous smoke on one battery charge. Or 250 puffs of 10 seconds. The maximum smoke output is over 100 m³/min.

Extend the possibilities

The Cirrus ducting adapter allows you to connect a smoke hose to your battery-powered smoke generator. This allows you to place the Cirrus outside the staging area and operate it remotely. Real water can then be used during a fire drill. Moreover, you can simulate very realistic leakages by connecting your Cirrus to a smoke hose.

If you want to control the smoke remotely, order a wired remote control as well. Prefer not to use a wire in your exercise? Then choose a wireless remote control. This allows the exercise leader to control the FireWare Cirrus wirelessly up to 100 metres.

Works perfectly with Pandora's Box

FireWare Pandora's Box includes a special storage compartment for the Cirrus. Combine the training equipment for wireless control of realistic flame effects, sound effects and remote control of the smoke generator. Both pieces of equipment work on a battery, so that you can always train, also on locations without power supply.

Use only Cirrus smoke fluid

The Cirrus smoke generator works with a 12 Volt heating element. This is a sensitive part of the machine. To prevent the machine from clogging up, only use Cirrus Fluid. This is specially designed for smoke generators with a 12 Volt heating element, like the Cirrus and the Smoky Multi Socket. You can order this smoke fluid easily in the FireWare webshop. This way you keep the warranty on the machine and you give the Cirrus a maximum life span!

The Cirrus is delivered including charger and 250 ml Cirrus smoke liquid. The machine comes in a sturdy plastic case (30 x 20 x 23.5 cm) and is therefore easy to take along. You might want to try first whether this smoke machine is the solution for you. That's why you can also rent this battery powered smoke generator at Fireware.

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Additional information

Product size (L x W x H)

22,5 x 10 x 21 cm


5,6 kg


12 V, 400 W


Control panel on device, Wireless remote

Machine tank capacity

250 ml

Warm-up period

2 sec

Power supply


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