Hybrid Fire Extinguisher Trainer

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  • Fire extinguisher trainer for simulating fires with a solid material or pool fires.
  • To extinguish using CO2, foam or water.
  • Ignition by hand.
  • Operational within several minutes.
  • Unique perforated stainless steel bottom plate.
  • Complete tread plate enclosure with strong aluminium sides.
  • Weighs only 14 kg.
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Fire extinguisher trainer for fires with solid materials and pool fires

The FireWare Hybrid fire extinguisher trainer simulates both fires with solid materials and pool fires. Use this trainer to teach trainees a broad basic technique for extinguishing fires. A fire extinguishing exercise can be set up in no time at all. As this trainer weighs only 14 kg, you can easily manage this alone.

Connect the supplied gas hose to a gas bottle and squeeze the handle attached to the gas hose. You can then ignite the Hybrid with an ignition burner. As long as the instructor squeezes the handle, the fire will continue to burn. Trainees can extinguish with CO2, foam, powder or water. The flames stop when the instructor stops the gas supply. Any foam that is left behind drains easily through the holes in the side of the Hybrid.

Extinguish with water, CO2 and foam

The Hybrid is unique in that it can be used with or without water. This makes it very suitable for fire brigade exercises as well as in-house emergency response team training. The flame pattern with water is wide and dynamic, creating a realistic pool fire scene. For example, instruct trainees how to extinguish burning petrol. Thanks to the unique perforated bottom plate, you can also create a complete flame picture without using water.

The Hybrid is very suitable for outdoor staging. However, in adverse weather conditions with strong winds, the flame picture may be blown away. The windscreen for Hybrid can be used to protect the fire extinguisher trainer from the wind on two sides. As a result, the flame pattern remains large and manageable.

Solid construction

The Hybrid has strong aluminium side walls and a housing made entirely of checker plate. Despite these strong materials, the fire trainer weighs only 14 kg. The Hybrid is suitable for use with different types of gas. Examples are propane, lpg or butane. As long as gas flows to the extinguisher, it will stand its ground!

Add a new dimension

For a simulation of a fire of a solid material or a staging of a pool fire, use the Hybrid. Do you want to keep trainees interested with a challenging fire extinguisher training? Then check out what the FireWare Vesta fire extinguisher can do for you. Various add-ons are available for the Vesta. This allows you to add a new dimension to your staging with each follow-up exercise. Think of the scenario of a lifelike fire in a laundry room, or the dynamic simulation of a kitchen fire. The Vesta works with an electric igniter and is operated by remote control.

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