Vesta Fire Extinguisher Trainer

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  • Stainless steel Blustrainer for simulating various fires;
  • Equipped with stainless steel legs for stable grip, even on uneven surfaces;
  • Unique: extra gas outlet for attachments;
  • For extinguishing with water, CO2, or foam;
  • Suitable for simulating class A and C fires;
  • Operational within 3 minutes;
  • Electric ignition;
  • No water required, thanks to dry burner technology;
  • Operates on battery;
  • Requires butane or propane;
  • Weighs only 19 kilograms;
  • Includes industrial cable remote control;
  • Based on years of experience;
  • Delivered in plastic transport case 60 x 40 x 44 cm.
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A compact extinguisher trainer, no water required

The FireWare Vesta is small and compact, but it generates a huge flame. The size of the flame is adjustable. The extinguisher trainer weighs 19 kilos and that makes it easy to carry. Ideal when you need to set up a training by yourself!

To make the Vesta compatible for any situation, FireWare developed active top-pieces. Active means that they work on their own gas supply. The Vesta has a special exit and a separate button on the remote to activate the top-pieces.

Thanks to FireWare’s experience with many extinguisher trainers, the Vesta is supplied with clever tricks: it’s light, it’s small, it has a clear, industrial remote control and cutout handles, it comes in a plastic case and it is built from separate modules for quick maintenance and reparations.

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Indoor and Outdoor Fire Training

With the Vesta, you can easily conduct a wide range of firefighting exercises. Weighing only 19 kilograms, you can set up these exercises on your own without any hassle. The only connection needed for the fire trainer is a gas cylinder. Since the Vesta doesn’t require water or electricity, you can effortlessly conduct training sessions outdoors. The fire trainer is equipped with an electric igniter powered by a small battery. You don’t need to manually ignite the Vesta!

The Vesta comes with a wired remote control. This remote control features two buttons. The instructor holds down the first button to activate the flame. Releasing the button extinguishes the fire. Adjust the flame size using the pressure reducing valve. Trainees can extinguish the Vesta using water, foam, and CO2. The second button on the Vesta remote is for controlling the features of the Vesta attachments. You can extend the cable of the industrial remote control or opt for a wireless remote.

Sometimes, an effect requires a horizontal flame instead of a vertical one. With the Horizontal Stand for Vesta, you can position the FireWare Vesta vertically as well!

Versatile fire trainer for Class A and C fire simulations

The FireWare Vesta is particularly suitable for fundamental training exercises. With the Vesta, you can simulate larger fire incidents for instructional purposes. This is commonly done by fire departments, airport fire brigades, and industrial fire teams. However, this fire trainer is also incredibly versatile for First Aid training and training with small firefighting equipment. Through the Vesta Fire Extinguisher trainer, trainees can practice extinguishing real fire in a safe environment. The optional Vesta add-ons allow instructors to create diverse, challenging, and realistic scenarios. Imagine simulating an office fire or an incident involving a burning frying pan. Training leaders just need to connect the Vesta to a gas supply, and it’s ready to operate. Simulating Class A or C fires is now effortless. In summary, the Vesta is a versatile and effective fire trainer for various emergency services and First Aid training!

Designed based on years of FireWare experience

FireWare has accumulated extensive experience with various fire training equipment over the years. This experience has been integrated into the FireWare Vesta, equipping it with various practical features. The Vesta boasts a compact size and is lightweight. It’s easy to set up scenarios on your own. The clear industrial remote control makes operating the Vesta straightforward. Powered by a battery, the fire trainer allows for outdoor exercises. The Vesta is constructed using high-quality components.

Add-on possibilities

Realistic training for trainees is of utmost importance. For this reason, FireWare has developed various add-on possibilities for the Vesta. There are active add-on options and passive add-on options.

Active add-on possibilities

Active means that the add-on works with its own gas supply. The Vesta has a dedicated connection for this purpose, along with a separate button on the remote control. For instance, you can connect a gas cylinder to this outlet to safely simulate a burning gas cylinder. These “stand-alone” units can be ignited using the Vesta Fire Extinguisher trainer.

Passive add-on possibilities

Passive add-on possibilities refer to attachments for the Vesta. These accessories enable a wide variety of fire training scenarios. Consider a fire in an electric motor for a unique firefighting exercise, or a burning computer for a challenging First Aid scenario. With the Vesta, you ensure that trainees can consistently practice in diverse scenarios. Take a look at our add-on category for more options!

Prefer simulating liquid fires?

The Vesta is not suitable for simulating liquid fires. However, if you wish to teach your trainees the basic techniques of extinguishing liquid fires, the Hybrid fire extinguisher trainer can achieve that. The Hybrid is unique in that it can be used both with and without water, and it can also be used with powder extinguishing agents!

Fire training with the FireWare Vesta Fire Trainer?

With the Vesta, your trainees can learn to truly extinguish fires. The Vesta comes in a sturdy plastic transport case measuring 60 x 40 x 44 cm. In addition to the Vesta, this case includes the wired remote control (7m), a battery charger, a gas hose, the pressure reducing valve, and a product manual. You can also rent the Vesta Fire Extinguisher trainer. Regardless of your choice, the Vesta fire trainer guarantees an engaging training scenario!

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