Solid Fire Extinguisher Trainer

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  • Standalone fire extinguisher trainer for a solid material fire.
  • Manual ignition.
  • Extinguish with CO2, foam or water.
  • Already functions with only 1 bar pressure.
  • Make it more realistic with real logs ore fake wooden logs
  • Including a plastic box measuring 60*40*32,5 cm.
  • Including gas hose.
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Fire extinguisher trainer for fires with solid material

The Solid fire extinguisher trainer is an ideal stand-alone to train extinguishing fires with solid materials. With this fire extinguisher trainer in the shape of a fire basket, you can teach trainees the basic techniques of extinguishing a burning solid material!

Fire extinguishing exercise with a fire basket

The Solid Fire is a fully stand-alone fire extinguisher trainer. The fire extinguisher works on gas. You can use it to ignite the solid matter in the fire basket. First, you connect the supplied gas hose to a gas bottle. Then you squeeze the handle on the gas hose and ignite the Solid Fire. Do this safely with an ignition burner. With only 1 bar gas pressure, a beautiful fire is already created. As long as the instructor squeezes the handle, the fire will continue to burn. You make the staging complete by throwing a few logs or ceramic fake wooden logs on the fire yourself. Trainees can extinguish with CO2, foam, powder or water. The flames stop when the instructor stops the gas supply by means of the handle on the gas hose.

Simulating a solid material fire

The Solid Fire is used to simulate a fire involving a solid material. This fire extinguishing exercise is suitable for both fire brigades and ER. With this fire extinguisher trainer you teach trainees the basic techniques for extinguishing a burning solid. Thanks to its handy size, the fire extinguisher trainer can easily be set up by one person. The fire can be presented indoors, for example in a large warehouse, or outdoors. The fire remains limited to the fire basket and the instructor controls the flames with the gas burner.

With the Solid Fire, your students train with real fire. The Solid Fire is delivered in a sturdy plastic Euronorm transport case. In addition to the fire extinguisher trainer, this box contains the gas hose. Whatever you choose, this fire trainer guarantees a challenging scenario. And don't forget to complete your staging with the Solid fire extinguisher trainer by ordering logs of fake wooden logs as well.

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