Interactive training tool “Corporal Tim” tests knowledge about burns fully automated

28 August 2020

Training center RBOC Fort Markenbinnen now has a unique interactive training tool to train students in the field of burns. One of the new parts in the emergency response carousel of the training center is "Corporal Tim". In the lessons with this fictional corporal, participants are challenged to answer all kinds of questions about cause, prevention, symptoms and actions.

Corporal Tim's design takes social abstinence into account. The game can be set up in such a way that 3 students simultaneously, at a safe distance from each other, receive training in the field of burns. The role of instructor is then fulfilled by a video animation. And because the game is fully automated, there is no need for physical contact with a real instructor!

Corporal Tim

Corporal Tim deals with burns with example situations, questions and explanations. Students answer the questions by standing on an "A" or "B" tile in the playing field. The corporal counts down and the correct answer then lights up green, the wrong answer turns red. It is immediately clear to the student whether the answer is right or wrong and the corporal then explains. All this takes place in a military setting, supported by light effects and background noise. The whole experience creates involvement with the student from start to finish. Emergency response training doesn't have to be boring in corona time!

Would you like to know more about the new experience "Corporaal Tim" at RBOC Fort Markenbinnen? Then watch the video below or the portfolio item on our website!

Watch the video about Corporal Tim