Innovation at the Inhouse Exhibition of Gallus Hautle AG

16 September 2019

This month, our Swiss dealer Gallus Hautle AG festively opened the doors of their new business premises in Wittenbach. Our expo team drove off to the Swiss municipality at the Bodensee in a van carrying all sorts of training material.

Festive inauguration

Gallus Hautle AG really went out of its way to arrange for a festive inauguration of their new premises. The local fire-fighters were in charge of the grill while accompanied by live entertainers. The opening of the renewed company was the perfect opportunity to explore the future of the first responders market. There were various new first response vehicles parked in front of the building and the sewing shop personnel explained the production process of the fire-fighter’s personal protection equipment.

Innovative insights presented at a traditional market

Entrepreneurs and first responders from all over the country visited the inauguration. At our stand, we introduced the latest developments in training experiences. The Swiss market for first responder’s training is more traditional than the Dutch market, so we are particularly proud that we were able to inspire lots of visitors with our innovative training solutions.

Once again, the F.I.I.T. was the training solution that attracted the most attention. However, the Nebula AR and the use of vertical smoke columns also opened new windows. We expect to be making a big difference on the Swiss market!

New export catalogue

Last weekend we also introduced our new German export catalogue. Soon, this product and portfolio catalogue will also be available in English. Can’t wait to have this edition? Contact us now to get a free copy of your own!

Eyes on France

We are particularly grateful to the entire Gallus Hautle AG team for the wonderful care and attention we received during our stay. And now, we have our eyes aimed at the next exposition at hands. From 18 through 21 September, we will be at the Congrès National des Sapeurs-Pompiers in Vannes, France. Please don’t hesitate to come see us and tell us your questions and suggestions!