Elementary school “de Zilvermeeuw” on a school trip

02 July 2019

On Friday June 14th, 27 inquisitive children invaded the FireWare premises. Every year, the elementary school “de Zilvermeeuw” organises a school trip and involves both parents and the near surroundings of the school. This year, the trip’s theme was nature and firefighters. Of course, we were thrilled that schoolteacher Vera contacted us to arrange for this school trip to be a success!


For some weeks now, the toddlers have been entertained by the stories about Frog. In order to keep in touch with this theme, our F.I.I.T. was especially programmed for this occasion with the child friendly adventures of Frog, that were projected on three screens simultaneously! The children could also visit our “make-up room” where our grime artist turned them into the animals or character of their choice. A giant Bunny posed with the children in a “froggy” landscape for a photo memory. And it goes without saying that FireWare added some fire-fighter related activities to the program!

Nature and firefighters

The theme nature and firefighters fitted us like a glove. The children were challenged to extinct an actual fire on the Vesta. Of course, this exciting activity was supervised by an actual fire-fighter, our product specialist Merijn. The children could also save their favourite stuffed friend from the highest tree and last but not least, after a lovely lunch, there was a real fire truck for the children to parade around in (with the sirens on!).

This was a very special day, not only for the children, but also for the FireWare team! This school trip proves that an office can also be a playground for a day!