Two Baarn Mini Flashovers in Malaysia

19 December 2016
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië 2
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië 3
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië 4
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië 5
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië 6
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië

Our dealer in Malaysia, Tecsen Technologies, supplied the Fire & Rescue Academy Malaysia in Bau Sarawak with two mini-flashover trainers. This training centre is one of the five most important training centres of the Malaysia Rescue Department, or rather the BOMBA.

One of the things the Mini-Flashover Trainers will be used for is to simulate realistic backdrafts and flashovers to scale. They will also be used as a tool for the fire development lessons. However, the most important motivation for using the Mini-Flashover Trainer is because the training centre is in need of preparing its students more effectively before they start using the actual flashover containers.

The nice thing is that Mini-Flashover Trainer was introduced to FireWare by the Baarn Fire Service. They developed this concept from the need to achieve a higher learning efficiency during the training courses in a 'real' flashover container. This video will present you with an introduction to the trainer's 'spiritual father', Hans van Essen. FireWare has turned the concept into a product which can be series-produced, allowing more aid workers to benefit from this.

FireWare is incredibly proud of the fact they have been able to help with introducing a training concept like this on the other side of the world. After all, our mission is to ensure aid workers can become and stay qualified anywhere in the world!