The Fryslân Safety Region provides 66 extension kits to practise with the basic principles of firefighting

21 November 2022

It will not have escaped anyone’s notice: the basic principles of firefighting are still “hot”. This obviously also has its impact on becoming and remaining competent. The Fryslân Safety Region already has a very extensive set of training materials at every fire station. It has also invested in good staging training for the firefighters. As a result, staging has improved considerably in recent years. The number of reports to the control room during practical evenings has risen considerably in recent years. A nice compliment!

Yet there was a need to go one step further. That is why the safety region invested in 66 expansion sets with training materials. One for each post. The set was determined in consultation with the users and is an extension of the Fire Simulation Kit and the Cumulus smoke generators, which are already widely used in the region.

Training materials extension kit

This expansion set includes two additional FireSpots with floor stand. These are fitted with an extra-long connecting cable. In addition, a distribution block and a remote control system are included in the set. With the smoke aiming piece for the stations’ Cumulus and Stratus smoke machines, many more different smoke images can be staged. Of course, the whole set is neatly packed in a plastic crate. Quite nice to transport and keep everything complete!

On Friday 11 November, Eelke Bragt of the Fryslân Safety Region took delivery of the 66 sets. Jacqueline van Zanen of FireWare personally delivered the sets. Of course with something sweet for our coffee. We wish all Fryslân Safety Region fire stations lots of training fun with these expansion sets!

Do you also have special wishes for a set of training materials? Please feel free to contact FireWare. We will be happy to help!