The Coronavirus: various FireWare training materials are also delayed

11 March 2020

The newspapers are full of it and it is the topic of conversation at many a coffee machine: the Corona Virus, or COVID-19. FireWare now also has to face the consequences. And unfortunately, therefore our customer relationships.

Exhibitions and events will not be done or be changed

We were enormously excited going to both eRIC 2020 and the Intersec in Riyad. But unfortunately the exhibition organizers have decided that it is better to postpone this trade fair. We keep in mind that in the coming weeks many more exhibitions and events will be cancelled or postponed. Too bad, because these are the places we like to go to show our new training materials!

Delivery times increase

At FireWare we need a supply chain, or rather a delivery chain. Making our training materials and projects depends on suppliers. Some of our components originate in China. Other components come from Europe, but contain components from the Far East. In this chain we encounter more and more supply problems. These supply problems are affecting the FireWare product deliveries. We suspect that these problems will continue for some time. We are in continuous dialogue with our supply chain partners. We see that everyone does his or her best. And we are very much grateful to them!

Inventories are increased

Where we can, we increase our inventories. We do not know how long the corona crisis will last. We strive not to let our customers wait for our products. But in the current situation we cannot avoid this for all products. Do you want to know whether a product is in stock? Or whether an alternative product is readily available? Please contact us. We love to help!

Temporary rent of materials

Of course we do our utmost to minimize the negative impact on your organisation. Therefore our rental fleet is fully prepared for an expected increase in applications for rental sets. Thereby we can cope with capacity problems caused by delayed deliveries.


These extraordinary circumstances also affect the operations of our carriers. We therefore expect delays in shipments to countries at risk. We of course closely follow these developments. You can contact us via to obtain more details.

Health above all

Outside all the operational discomfort it is good to take a step back and to remind us our health is very important. Not only our own health but also the health of the people around us. We also closely monitor the news and the opinions of the RIVM.

Together we will solve it!

The situation looks far from ideal. We are aware of that. But this situation is beyond our control. Inspiring work and creativity are two of our core values that we can trust on in this situation. Let us remain in dialogue with each other and how we together solve potential (supply) problems as well as possible. Questions? Please feel free to contact us! Our team is ready to help in what we can.