TGB lab at the ExpoRIC 2018

26 April 2018

TGB, or combat against terrorism, is a major theme within the world of emergency assistance and beyond. FireWare now has extensive experience in designing lifelike environments in which incidents involving a large number of victims are realistically staged. For example, the TGB labs of the Amsterdam Amstelland Safety Region and the Haaglanden Safety Region were set up by FireWare. In both practice areas you can practice safely without "voyeurs".

In order to give an idea of what such a lab could look like, a small TGB lab was put together at the ExpoRIC with the theme "How brave are you".  This is a shooting in a catering facility in Enschede. The projection, fire, sound and light effects are controlled by the FireWare special TGB control. The instructor logs in with his or her phone, and all functions are within reach. In this way, the dilemmas can be highlighted. Of course combined with a realistic staging with the FireWare simulation products.

The content of the projection used XVR during the ERIC. The participants look out through the window and see the extension of the incident, but also the arrival and departure of the emergency services workers. The traumalotuses are provided by Sander Hesseling and Peter Butter are the initiators of this project. By working together in an inspiring way, many people were able to see how strong they were during the ERIC!

Do you also want an interactive TGB lab, or another realistic practice environment where you can achieve your learning goals? Feel free to contact us!