22 January 2019
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To ensure that FireWare provides the quality you are used to, we are constantly investing in our team spirit. Ultimately, it is the close cooperation with each other that ensures a flawless end product or super cool project!

This means that the atmosphere and interaction with each other is crucial to FireWare. To take this to a higher level and to ensure that our entire team becomes even more inspired to develop great things, we spent a whole day on development, sports and games on Friday June 1st.

We kicked off the day with the workshop Lego Serious Play. This workshop focuses on core questions that are individually answered by expressing one's views through a Lego construction. This is a surprisingly efficient way to ensure that each team member contributes and expresses their own ideas as well. You can literally tell from the constructions whether the participants are on the same level or whether they think very differently about certain issues.

We looked at how FireWare is currently doing and at how we can make FireWare even better in the future. Besides the fact that the workshop gave very good insights into each other and in FireWare, it was fun to do! The entire team was very enthusiastic about this workshop.

After a lovely lunch it was time for the afternoon programme. As we develop  escaperooms and break in rooms ourselves, the activities committee reckoned we could benefit from experiencing the competition's creations: a break in room on the beach in Camperduin (North Holland). The teams were divided and the game was on!

After an afternoon filled with brain teasers and fun entertainment, the first teams managed to enter the room where a delicious snack was waiting for them. After a few drinks, it was time to announce the winners. The day ended with a delicious BBQ.

We had a great day and the entire FireWare team is fully charged and ready to be at your service again.

FireWare is facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. Ask us about the possibilities.