Rolling up our sleeves at the FireFest!

24 October 2019

To have inspirational collaborations is one of the core values ​​of FireWare. We strive for sustainable relationships in which we achieve the best results together. This does not only apply to our customer relationships, but also to the relationship between colleagues. That is why it was great fun to attend a fully catered barbecue workshop together in our own company garden!

Up to the last minute, the program of the FireFest was a complete surprise. However, as soon as the old fire truck drove onto our company premises, several colleagues spontaneously started to have their mouth watering. More than two years ago, Kookers organized a successful barbecue workshop in honor of our 14th anniversary. With a number of new faces, we gladly accepted the challenge again!

Control the fire

After an introductory word from Merijn, who was introduced to our team during the previous edition, the knife was put into the flesh. Young and old, everyone contributed their share. The contribution varied from pulling pork from a warm pork neck to boning a pork belly to prepare satay. At the same time, the vegetables were cut and delicious homemade sauces were prepared. The real sweet-toothed could not be more lucky with their presentation of amuses and desserts. Once again, the program offered a real challenge for everyone.

Let’s have dinner!

Due to all the scents that had been spread, nobody could wait any longer for the buffet to be opened. The cliché about eating from your own kitchen is certainly true. Everybody clearly enjoyed all the food that had been prepared. Afterwards, there was still a lot of laughter and nice chats with eachother!