Stand-alone Gas Cylinder – metal

 999,00 excl. VAT

  • Note: now manufactured from high quality metal.
  • For a fast and safe simulation of a gas fire.
  • Instruct trainees to turn off the gas tap.
  • For extinguishing with water, CO2 or foam.
  • Manual ignition.
  • Delivered in a Euronorm plastic transport case (60 x 40 x 32.5 cm).
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Safely and quickly simulate a flange with real fire

The Stand-alone Gas Cylinder is a fully autonomous metal fire extinguisher trainer with the appearance of a gas cylinder that is flaring. It allows you to conduct a very realistic drill of a gas fire.

Challenging fire training in no time at all

With the Stand-alone Gas Cylinder you can easily set up a challenging IBGS or fire training. First, connect the FireWare Vesta or a gas cylinder. Then you ignite the stand-alone manually with an ignition burner. As long as the instructor squeezes the handle of the gas hose, the fire will continue burning. To ensure safety, the fire extinguisher trainer has a mechanical deadman’s switch. The instructor can cool down the cylinder and close the gas tap. At that moment, the instructor extinguishes the flames by releasing the pinch handle on the gas hose. The fire is extinguished and the exercise is a success!

Extinguishing with water, CO2 and foam

The Stand-Alone Gas Cylinder is ideal for simulating gas fires and flaring gas cylinders. Use the fire extinguisher trainer for fire brigade exercises and ER courses. Fight the gas fire with a Neptune training fire extinguisher filled with water, CO2 or foam. The exercise is realistic and students can practice safely.

You will receive the fire extinguisher trainer in a plastic Euronorm crate for transport. The Gas Cylinder is also available as an add-on to the FireWare Vesta. This is an attachment that you connect next to the Vesta fire extinguisher trainer. With this, you put down a completely different drill. For the ignition of this add-on you use the FireWare Vesta fire extinguisher trainer.

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