Black Smoke Blinding Mask

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  • Mask used to limit visibility.
  • Simulates a deep, dark layer of smoke in which a flame glow is still visible.
  • For use in locations where no smoke can be used.
  • Suitable for all common brands of breathing air masks, can also be tied directly around the head.
  • Easy to clean, resistant to disinfection and cleaning agents.
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The realistic blinding mask for fire brigades and emergency response services

The Black Smoke Blinding Mask from FireWare limits a trainee's visual perception. The mask can be worn over the head or over a breathing mask. Blind masks have been around for a while, but the unique thing about this blind mask is that it simulates a deep, dark layer of smoke through which a flame glow can still be seen. Ideal for breathing air exercises!

This blindfold is a useful tool for the fire brigade. Especially in situations where the use of exercise smoke is not desirable. You can think of locations where food is handled. But also industrial ATEX environments. In that case, no practice fumes are used, but the visibility of the trainee is still considerably restricted.

Blind mask for simulating dark smoke

During a breathing apparatus training, an area is often completely covered in smoke. It is then not practical for an instructor to observe the course member and provide feedback. With this blind mask, it is not necessary to fully cover the area with practice smoke. The student has a realistic smoke experience, complete with black smoke. And the source of the fire can still be located. This is in contrast to a zero visibility mask.

Suitable for use with all breathing masks

This blind mask is ideal for fire brigade exercises. This is mainly because the trainee simply wears the mask over an air mask. This mask is suitable for all common brands of respiratory masks, including: MSA, DRÄGER and INTERSPIRO. You can also tie the mask directly around the head. Then you can let team members experience, for example, how quickly they deviate from a straight line without vision. Or what it is like to find the exit without sight. The blind mask closes with Velcro. The following applies: one size fits all!

The blind mask is also very practical for the instructor. No long preparation time is needed, because it's just a question of taking the mask along and done! Moreover, the fire alarm system does not need to be switched off and it is not necessary to report to the control room.

Easy to clean

When developing this totally new blind mask, much attention was paid to the ability of regular cleaning. By not hemming the mask at the sides but leaving it "flat", it is much easier to disinfect the mask with a disinfectant wipe. That's a good thing these days! The special choice of material also means that the mask will not fray. The best of both worlds.

Stage a surprising or different smoking experience?

Would you like to offer your students a completely different smoking experience? Then also try out the FireWare Nebula AR. This hi-tech mask is equipped with an LCD screen. On the screen, you can project 6 different smoke thicknesses. The instructor controls the masks remotely with the supplied remote control. Ideal for an even more realistic and dynamic smoke experience without smoke.

Need a lighter, white smoke simulation? Or a more traditional blind mask? Then check out the Blindfold Mask Emergency Assistance. This mask can be worn directly over the head, but also fits around a breathing mask.

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