New training set Industrial firefighting for Sitech / Chemelot

17 November 2022

Chemelot is a chemical-oriented site of no less than 800 hectares. On this site, 8,100 people in 150 companies and 60 factories work on products we need every day, directly or indirectly. Nice detail: there are more than 50 kilometres of road and 60 kilometres of railway on the site!

At Chemelot, work is carried out according to very strict safety requirements. For example, an extremely specialised fire brigade organisation can be found on the site. With numerous special vehicles specially designed for the chemical industry.

It goes without saying that these firefighters also have to work on their professional skills. That is why a large number of exercises are organised every year by the fantastic professional competence team. Both at their own training centre and in the field and both mono and multidisciplinary. This, of course, without losing sight of on-site safety requirements.

It starts with sharing knowledge

Before the summer holidays, a multi-day knowledge session was organised with the professional competence team and FireWare. During these knowledge sessions, insights were shared on staging in complex industrial environments. In theory, but also especially in practice. By experimenting, brainstorming and testing. But, especially by being vulnerable, numerous new insights were gained. Insights that will lead to a number of new products being developed in the coming year!

An impressive set of training materials

To put the insights gained during the knowledge sessions into practice, Sitech invested in an impressive set of training materials. Training materials that suit the complexity of a site like Chemelot! These include the ability to simulate truly large quantities of smoke, to stage incidents involving hazardous substances, industrial fires and exercises involving victims. Both in ATEX environments and NON-ATEX.

It doesn't stop here

By working together more intensively and connecting with other partners, more and more knowledge and skills are being gained in simulating incidents in industrial environments. We at FireWare are already looking forward to the next developments. We will keep you posted!

Also a complex staging challenge?

FireWare likes to think along with staging challenges. From very large to very small. From very simple to extremely complex. Also a staging challenge? Please contact us!

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