From February 2021, experience to flee safely in the new experience of the Gelderland-South Safety Region: “The House of the Van de Werf Family”

20 November 2020

Last summer, the CoPI containers of the Gelderland-South Safety Region were replaced by a Multi Commando Unit. Together with the Fire Safe Living team, the 24-hour service of the Gelderland-Zuid Fire Brigade and FireWare, we are converting one of these CoPI containers into a new information vehicle: “The House of the van de Werf Family”.

The new mobile solution aims to educate the public from the safety region in the field of fire prevention and a fire-safe living. This actively contributes to the mission of the Netherlands Fire Service: fewer fires, less damage and fewer victims. The contemporary information vehicle is expected to be delivered around February 2021.

From CoPI container to a contemporary information vehicle full of experience

The House of the van de Werf Family will be a real “walk-through” experience. A whole experience is created for the visitor by means of decor, images, light and sound. A safety message is explained and participants are encouraged to reflect and take action, with the theme: “Evacuation plans”. In the fireproof living experience, participants experience what it is like to flee a fire. During the explanation, a link is made between the duration of the experience and the time you have to flee, approximately 3 minutes.

The experience starts in a neat kitchen, where at first sight there seems to be little going on. However, as soon as the visitors open the door to the next room, they end up in the violently burned down part of the house. In this part, the floor is burned, the walls are damaged, and it is dark and warm, as if the fire had gone out not so long ago. In this story, the closed door has ensured that the kitchen has remained intact.

Collect data

In addition to explaining, reflecting and activating the target group, gathering data is also of great importance. This data is collected in the games and information zone, where participants exit after they have fled the house of the van de Werf family. The questions on the question pillars relate to the theme “Flee safely”, but also to what visitors have seen inside. The employees of the Gelderland-Zuid Fire Brigade are present to provide visitors of more information.

The collected data is primarily used to better organize campaigns in the security region.


The current corona virus is certainly a factor we haven taken into account. The design respects the 1.5 meter distance between visitors. But it also ensures that the installation is easy to clean and a good ventilation. COVID is already taken into account in the production process. The realization process is set up in such a way that remote work is possible. Among other things, the new FireWare studio is used for this. This is how we get ahead despite all the limitations!

Red Alert

The new mobile solution of the Gelderland-South Safety Region will form a larger whole together with the Red Alert. The Red Alert is also an information vehicle for the safety region. Red Alert mainly focuses on school-age youth and families with young children. The House of the van de Werf Family is an addition to this and will focus on youth, adults and seniors. A nice detail is that the Red Alert was also built in co-creation with FireWare!

Watch the promo video

The contemporary information container of the Gelderland-Zuid Fire Department will be operational from February 2021. Curious already? Let us warm you up with this promo video!

Also interested in an information vehicle?

The FireWare team has extensive experience in making information vehicles, pop-up stores, road shows and escape rooms. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities. We can also help to adapt existing solutions to the 1.5 meter society!