Experiencing the power of the armed forces during the entrepreneurial bivouac of the Ministry of Defense

12 December 2019

In October 2019 a special meeting took place between the Total Force Genie (TFG) and the business community. Fifteen entrepreneurs from companies with common ground in engineering were immersed in military life for 2.5 days. On behalf of FireWare, Sef Hendrickx was knocking at the gates of the lunette barracks in Vught (The Netherlands).

During the bivouac, the entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to get to know both the military engineering and themselves better. Themes such as leadership under aggravating circumstances, team formation and decision-making were a common thread throughout the days.

Shoulder to shoulder

During the multi-day meeting, ideas were exchanged about leadership, adaptivity and the cooperation between the Ministry of Defense and the business community. Together they focused on the possibilities to work together on a safer Netherlands. The first building blocks for an expansion of the Total Force Genie network were laid.

Ambassador of the Total Force idea

Various ground-breaking activities gave a unique glimpse into the power of the armed forces. For example, training was given in leadership, decision-making and map reading, but the participants were also challenged to overcome physical obstacles in a group context. Of course in correct military outfit, with full dedication and discipline!

All participating entrepreneurs have successfully completed the entrepreneurial accommodation. Therefore they can call themselves ambassadors of the Total Force idea. We are proud to be part of the engineering family! Click here for a full report.