Designing permanent training centres – a blazing success story for over 16 years!

24 February 2020

FireWare has been designing training centres for emergency response services for over 16 years, both in the Netherlands and further afield. And we love nothing more than to devote the expertise that we have garnered over the years to new projects! 

The most important thing we’ve learnt in that time is that training centres are very complex environments. That makes co-creation the keyword – inspiring cooperation between people from different organisations and disciplines with a single goal in mind. That is what a perfect training environment within defined boundaries is all about!

Building training centres

FireWare adds value to teams who are building training centres through the following:

  • We have a number of tried-and-tested methods for making learning and teaching objectives more transparent. And not just the current objectives, but future ones too.
  • FireWare has a great deal of experience in translating learning and teaching objectives into the object to be practiced on.
  • We understand perfectly the difference between becoming skilled and staying skilled, as well as what the consequences of that are for building a training centre.
  • Because the origins of FireWare lie in the word of theatre, we understand the importance of experience and we have the expertise to ensure that experience helps learning and teaching objectives to be attained.
  • Over the years we have found numerous solutions for overcoming object fatigue, a phenomenon that sees participants who regularly return becoming too familiar with the training facilities.
  • We use a creative approach to design the facilities so they can be used for training at different levels, with trainees either acting under orders or using them for operational purposes.
  • FireWare knows how to create a good mix between tried-and-tested training concepts and new approaches.

Adding value, together

FireWare always cooperates with partners to create the best possible training environment – with the users and the client and also with a range of specialists in a wide number of fields.

These specialists are frequently already partners with the client, but over the years FireWare has built up a great network of reliable partners who can all make a valuable contribution to any project. This network ranges from property management experts to furnace manufactures and from mechanical engineers through to civil engineering experts. The only way to create a realistic training environment is to do it together!

A very diverse range

FireWare has contributed to a very diverse range of training centres. It has given us much pleasure to be a part of the construction of numerous different emergency response training facilities, but we have also accumulated much expertise in creating training environments for the aviation industry. Take a look at our portfolio for a sample of the training centres we have already built.

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