A day in the life of FireWare with Vrouwen van Nu

13 December 2019

On Thursday, 28 November we welcomed a ten-person delegation from Vrouwen van Nu (Women of Today) to our premises. We spent the morning introducing the Wieringer branch of this, the largest women’s organisation in the Netherlands, to the world of staging and gave them a glimpse behind the scenes at FireWare.

Vrouwen van Nu

The mission of the Vrouwen van Nu organisation is to improve our quality of life through the strength of women. Its members learn from each other during workshops and animate each other at meetings and of excursions. Some of these excursions involve visits to inspiring local companies and organisations.

Earlier this year we already showed off our facilities for a story in the Noordhollands Dagblad, and it’s great that Vrouwen van Nu spotted the article, as we took much pleasure in giving their members a guided tour!

Guided tour

During the company visit Merijn inspired the women with a presentation of the history of FireWare and the partnerships we’ve engaged in. The visitors were very impressed with the way in which FireWare assists rescue workers around the globe to improve their services.

After a coffee break we also gave them a look behind the scenes, and Merijn gave them all the details about extinguishing fires, smoke formation and odour and noise effects. As has become tradition, the women concluded the day by surprising us with genuine Wieringer biscuits. And you can rest assured that we feasted on them!