90 Cumulus, 10 Stratus and 18 Cirrus battery operated smoke generators for Safety region North Limburg

16 June 2022

After an intensive tendering process, Safety region North Limburg finally chose the smoke generators of FireWare. And we are quite proud of that. Fair is fair, it was not easy. The safety region had strict requirements. Not only about the machine itself, but also about the fluids, repairs, operation, durability and maintenance. After all, it’s not just about a smoke generator. It is about a good solution for smoke simulations at any time. In order to contribute to the professionalism of the emergency services in the region.

At FireWare we like to be challenged and put on edge. That way, we can keep improving our products and services! That is exactly what happened in this project.

Not only the machine, but also the management

All smoke machines are packed in durable plastic cases with a matching foam interior. This way, the machines remain in one piece during transport and storage. The casings are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The extra handles make the machines easy to lift, no matter how full the can of smoke liquid is. The separate tanks make it easy to switch between the various smoke liquids. This makes it easy to choose the right fluid for each scenario.

Special attention is also paid to repair and maintenance. For example, the power cords can be replaced easily and without tools. A team from the safety region is specially trained to be able to carry out all maintenance and repair work themselves. They can even decide whether a repair is under guarantee or not. That is cooperation based on trust.

For the end user

But the end user has also been thought of. Through QR codes on the side of the machine, the end user has direct access to the user portal of the machine. Complete with instructions and instruction videos. Operation can take place on the machine, but also via a wired or wireless remote control. The machines can give continuous smoke and can be set with a timer. The special boost function ensures that extra steam can be simulated during extinguishing. Various accessories can be connected to the smoke generators via the Storz coupling at the front of the machine. For example, a perforated hose to simulate natural fires and outbreaks.

Vertical smoke

Every firefighter in the world knows that smoke and hot air rise. That’s why the Cumulus and Stratus smoke generators can also be used vertically. This way, extremely realistic smoke images can be created. Smoke images that are much closer to reality than simply filling a room with smoke!

Last week, we delivered the first machines. Complete in cases with wired and wireless remote control!


We were very happy with the requirement that the machines had to be delivered with as little packaging material as possible. That was not necessary either: After all, the machines are easy to stack on a pallet thanks to the Euronorm crates. These have a size that is derived from a euro pallet. Thanks to the built-in foam interior, packaging chips are superfluous.

Delivery is a party

The day of delivery of the first batch was a party! Both for the FireWare team and for the team of Safety region North Limburg. With a big bus full of machines the journey went from Wieringerwerf to Venlo. And how cool is it to start the day with real Limburg-style pie!

Not every day you have the opportunity to take beautiful pictures with lots of smoke generators. In the barracks, all the machines were unpacked and displayed for a nice group photo. Even if we say so ourselves: what an impressive sight!

We wish Safety region North Limburg a lot of fun practising with the new smoke machines. And we would also like to thank the safety region for their trust and inspiring cooperation. The QR code on the machines is an innovation that came out of this tender. An innovation that will be implemented on all FireWare training materials from now on and that will benefit all safety regions and users!

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