[While stocks last] Wireless Fusion Remote


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  • Wireless remote control for FireWare Fusion.
  • Dynamic staging easily comes within reach.
  • The instructor doesn’t disturb the training scene.
  • Easy connection by Bluetooth.
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Wireless control of the Fusion

The Wireless Fusion Remote is the perfect accessory for operating the FireWare Fusion sound box from a distance. The Fusion sound box offers 45 realistic sound effects for your scenarios that you can control from a distance with the wireless remote.

The wireless Fusion Remote can be easily connected to a Fusion sound box. The devices communicate via Bluetooth. Once the remote is connected to the Fusion sound box, the accessory is ready to go. Try changing the sound effect during the intervention, adjusting its volume and pausing and replaying the sound effect. Under ideal circumstances, the device’s reach amounts to 10 metres. It is not possible to connect more than one FireWare Fusion sound box to a single remote.

Control the training situation from a distance

The wireless operation of the Fusion sound box offers quite a few advantages. The instructor doesn’t disturb the training scene as he is operating the sound effects from a distance. Moreover, the absence of the instructor in the scenario increases the surprise effect of sounds changing during the intervention. A cry for help can be numbed once the victim is found. The slow whoop howling can be paused during intermediate instructions. Dynamic staging easily comes within reach.

Purchase your Fusion Remote

Although the FireWare Fusion sound box can be operated on the device itself, or by means of a dedicated Smartphone application, let’s not underestimate the added value of remote control in various training situations. Not every instructor can dispose of a Smartphone during a training situation. Where a Smartphone doesn’t always react when operated by a gloved hand, the wireless Fusion remote never lets you down. The wireless Fusion remote guarantees simple and wireless control of your FireWare Fusion sound box, anytime, anywhere.

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