Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme 5L

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  • The new name for FireWare Outdoor smoke fluid.

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Order smoke fluid for your rental project…
…The specialist smoke fluid for simulations with a high smoke demand.

The smoke fluid for simulations with a high smoke demand

Tunnel fires, wildfires, industrial fires… All incidents that produce a large amount of smoke. To realistically simulate such incidents, there is the Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme. Additionally, this smoke fluid has increased heat resistance, making it ideal for use in “hot” training facilities.

Extended duration

This smoke fluid produces very dense smoke that disperses very slowly. As a result, under the right weather conditions, this training smoke can travel up to 2 km (!) in the open air and remain visible. This artificially increases the capacity of a smoke machine: more training smoke is produced than the machine’s power would normally allow. Ideal for simulations with a high smoke demand, such as forest fires, wildfires, and tunnel fires.

Increased heat resistance

Compared to other FireWare smoke fluids, the Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme has increased heat resistance. This means that the smoke dissipates more slowly at higher temperatures, such as in fire and smoke containers.

Specialized smoke fluid

FireWare has been developing smoke fluids for the emergency services industry for 20 years. This latest generation of specialized smoke fluid is specifically designed for simulating large outdoor incidents. When using this smoke fluid indoors with an excessively large smoke machine in a small space, there may be residue. When used indoors, it is assumed that the staging technician knows exactly what they are doing, in which case the smoke fluid can be used indoors without residue.

Realistic representation

Due to the dense and slow dispersing nature of the smoke, this fluid is well-suited for vertical smoke injection in tunnels to create a realistic smoke layer. It also works well with accessories like the Smoke Hose Set Perforated for creating smoke lines in wildfire simulations or a spreading fire in a building. This creates an extremely dense smoke with controllable speed, contributing to a realistic simulation!

Purest ingredients

The Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme is made from the purest ingredients, making it one of the safest smoke fluids for both humans and machines currently available. One of the main ingredients is water in its purest form!

Suitable for all modern smoke machines

Smoke Fluid Fire Training can be used in the Nimbo, Cumulus and Stratus smoke machines. Additionally, this smoke fluid is compatible with all modern water-glycol smoke machines. It is available in 5-liter drums, 200-liter drums, and 1000-liter IBC containers. Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme is the new name for the FireWare Outdoor smoke fluid.

Horizontal/vertical or through a Smoke Hose

This smoke fluid can be applied horizontally and vertically. The Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme can also be used with a Smoke Hose Set Perforated or a Smoke Hose Set to simulate a line source. Watch the videos on our website to see the effects!

Need lighter smoke?

In addition to the Smoke Fluid Fire Training Extreme, there are also the Smoke Fluid Fire Drill, Smoke Fluid Fire Training Universal, and Smoke Fluid Fire Training Intensive, each designed for different applications within the emergency services industry!

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