Advanced Water Rescue Manikin

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  • Manikin simulates a drowning victim hyper-realistically;
  • Specially designed for water rescues. From start point of rescue, right to resuscitation;
  • Suited for practicing basic resuscitation techniques and chest compression;
  • Suited for training intubation techniques;
  • Can float and sink, depending on additional weight;
  • Simulate both dry and wet lung drowning;
  • The 3-way tube can provide a simulation of foaming in the victim’s mouth;
  • Available as toddler and adult.
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Combine water rescue and medical training with just one manikin

The Advanced Water Rescue Manikin is a highly accurate and lifelike manikin that simulates a drowning victim hyper-realistically. In the design of this manikin, more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing manikins for the medical and emergency services industry is combined. The high-tech torso is fabricated by Lifecast Body Simulations. It provides for practicing all medical skills involving the rescue of a drowning victim. The rest of the manikin’s body is designed by Ruth Lee. It is so designed that it mimics a drowned person in the water.

Switching manikins during the exercise is no longer necessary

Previously, teams practised water rescue techniques using one manikin and switched to a different one for medical skills. With the Advanced Water Rescue Manikin, this is no longer necessary, allowing your crews to complete a full, simulated drowning rescue with just one manikin. Pressure is kept constant and students are kept sharp at all times.

Simulate dry and wet lung drowning

The Advanced Water Rescue Manikin replicates a hydrostatic squeeze, meaning that both dry and wet lung drowning skills can be perfected. A 3-way tube is located underneath the torso. Therewith the instructor can introduce liquid to replicate ‘ foaming’ in the mouth as part of a wet lung rescue. Stage a hyper-realistic water rescue exercise! The training manikin is suitable to practice basic resuscitation skills. The sternum of the chest can be compressed till 3 to 4 centimetres (Toddler) or 5 to 6 centimetres (Adult), with built in recoil. In addition, the manikin is suitable for training intubation techniques.

Floating or sinking

The Advanced Water Rescue Manikin will naturally float with shoulders and head above the water at a 45-degree angle. Even in the roughest waters, the manikin is held at that angle. Plastic buckles are located between the legs of the manikin. These can be latched to keep the legs together. Additional weights can be put in the pockets located on the arms, legs, chest and back. This allows the instructor to adjust the floating angle of the manikin. The Advanced Water Rescue Manikin will sink by an added weight of more than 10 kilograms. If you wish to add extra weight, a buoyancy aid is recommended.

Realistic height to weight ratio

The Advanced Water Rescue Manikin weighs 12 kilograms (Toddler) or 50 kilograms (Adult) when dry and has a realistic height to weight ratio. The Adult manikin is supplied with soft shoes or easy drain wellington boots.

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