4-pack Cumulus smoke generator -occasion-

 1.699,00 excl. VAT

  • Has been serviced
  • Plastic box 60 x 40 x 32.5 cm included
  • NEN 3140 certificate
  • 5 liters of Medium Smoke fluid
  • 3 months warranty
  • Big powerhouse for large training locations
  • Generates lots of smoke in a short time, fully adjustable from light to dense
  • Maximum smoke output 1000 m³/min
  • Can be used vertically for a realistic smoke layer
  • For fire scenarios, but also IBGS and CBRN incidents
  • While the smoke generator warms up, you stage the incident
  • Can power other devices with special cable (exclusive)
  • Timer functionality
  • Equipped with Storz coupling for accessories
  • Available individually (1 x Cumulus Medium smoke fluid 5 liter jerry can) or per 4-pack (4 x Cumulus, 4 x Medium smoke fluid 5 liter jerry can)
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These Cumulus smoke machines have been used for several years to great satisfaction at a safety region in the Netherlands or come from FireWare's rental fleet.

Both this region and FireWare's rental division have renewed their Cumulus fleet. These occasion Cumulus smoke machines have been used until recently and are still technically sound.

They come complete with plastic box, smoke fluid, NEN3140 certificate and 3 months warranty. Of course it can be seen that have been used. But that makes sense! There is no remote control included. This can be ordered separately (wire remote control or wireless remote control).

Ideal machines for an emergency response officer who occasionally needs a sturdy smoke machine for an evacuation drill.

The Cumulus is available individually (1 x Cumulus + 1 x Medium smoke fluid 5 L) or in a 4-pack (4 x Cumulus + 4 x Medium smoke fluid 5 L).

For more information on the specifications of the Cumulus, visit the Cumulus product page.

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