Temporary training centre in Maastricht’s new tunnels

The Willem Alexander Tunnel was opened in Maastricht on 16th December 2016. This 2.3 kilometre tunnel consists of 4 tunnel tubes, each with two lanes. The top two tunnel tubes are for local traffic and the bottom two tunnel tubes for through traffic. More information about the tunnel can be found via

The South Limburg Safety Region naturally prepared very well for the opening of the tunnel. These preparations already started in 2014. Approximately 200 fire officers, consisting of troops, commanders and (senior) officers from 8 different barracks in South Limburg participated. More information about how the fire service prepared for the opening of the tunnel can be found via this link:

FireWare was able to play a fantastic role during the training conducted in the actual A2 tunnel. A temporary training centre was set up in the actual tunnel in the last few weeks before the opening of the tunnel. A great projecten with a variety of different challenges: It goes without saying 'ordinary' activities also needed to be able to continue in the tunnel, in addition to the training exercises.

A variety of different scenarios were created with a set of more than 20 stratus and cumulus smoke machines, silk flames, firelight spots, infra-red heaters and sound boxes which could be operated via a central control unit. The stager therefore had total control of the various different incidents. The different scenarios were also remotely controlled because of the long distances in the tunnel. A method which managed to avoid the use of lots of control cables.

The large-scale realistic vertical smoke build up was one very unique aspect. More than 30.000m2 of smoke per minute could be produced. The tunnel ventilation operation could therefore be properly practiced! FireSales Outdoor smoke liquid was used during the training exercises. This liquid ensured the simulation smoke could be maintained for more than 4 km from the source!

The use of heat sources allowed us to also practice with thermal imaging cameras. The tunnel operators, police and ambulance staff were also able to effectively prepare for the opening during the various different training exercises.

We can now look back on a fantastic collaboration with the South Limburg Safety Region, as well as a large number of fantastic exercises with some great learning moments and dilemmas! Do you have a need for a temporary training centre too? Then why not consider renting from FireWare!