FireWare inspires its customers and the industry with its creative concepts and co-creative approach. By being open ourselves and by continuing to learn from our environment, we can continue to be trendsetting and this allows us to arrive at the best possible result together.


We find original solutions to problems and challenges. We create new products and solutions, whether or not this happens from a blank canvas. We are capable of turning functional requirements into a practical, aesthetically responsible design. Plus we do not lose sight of the various different users’ interests.


We do what we have promised we are going to do. We would rather say ‘no’ or refer you to another company than not being able to fulfil a promise.


We realise this planet is simply on loan to us. You need to look after those things you borrow. This is exactly why we try to interpret the sustainability & environment themes as carefully and as efficiently as possible. This starts with the small things, like separating waste, but we certainly also devote attention to this when we design our solutions.


We remain true to ourselves. Our technical theatre and creative background is evident in all our products and services. Humour, occasionally with a hint of irony and fun, all forms part of FireWare’s culture. But, above all, we have the utmost respect for our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. We will always aim for the best achievable result and long-term relationships..


We strive for excellent products, excellent processes and an excellent service provision. We do, of course, realise that continuous improvements are the key here. We achieve this by nurturing a culture which allows scope for constructive criticism and whereby we are open to each other’s new ideas.

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01-11-2018 {*agenda tot} 01-11-2018
Our dealer Hobrand organizes; Hobrand Safety demodag!
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What customers say

  • “I thought it was impressive, playing with the light.”

    Dhr. Ammerlaan, Hollands Kroon,
  • "Atmospheric, creative, challenging and definitely something to work with in the future."

    Mevr. Kamphuis, Firefighters Amsterdam,
  • “Thank you, it was amazing!”

    Dhr. Vink, fire brigade GLZ,
  • "Another look at staging."

    Marcel Langedijk, Regional Fire Department North Holland North,
  • "A fun and interesting day with some innovative things."

    B.J. Moerman, Fire brigade Waterland,


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