To measure is to know also applies to Fire and Life Safety and Security. The Kameleon heroes assure Fire and Life Safety in Friesland!

14 June 2018

It was great to read the interview that Eise Dijkstra gave to Update, a trade magazine for the municipal councillors in Friesland. FireWare is of course very proud. The Kameleonrace is one of our great accomplishments. Reading this interview is really worthwhile!

It is enormously valuable for an information vehicle or road show to be able to provide not only information, but also collected data about visitors' insights. This makes it possible to work with even more effective information. Information that ultimately results in fewer fires, fewer casualties and less damage.

The Kameleonrace is an interactive game in which visitors are confronted with various statements about fire-safe life. The aim of the game is to get "their" character at a burning farm as quickly as possible. This character physically moves: it is not just a digital figure on a screen, but an "actual" character on a mechanical rail that advances by two steps for every correct answer and by only one step for an incorrect answer.

No show is alike; the questions asked are stored in a database. There are 10 categories of questions, each with its own safety topic. Think of smoke detectors, CO, flight plans and so on. Each category contains different questions regarding the theme. Thus nuances can be applied.

The system keeps record of the questions asked and the answers given. A number of smart filters clean up the information. For example, data from people who jump in halfway or who randomly press buttons are removed from the dataset.

What remains is a very useful set of data. Which questions will be answered correctly most often? Do participants score well on the whole subject or only a part of it? This information, combined with the GPS position of the information container, gives useful insights into providing more targeted information. The information may, for example, be based on subject and geographical location.

At the end of each operational day, the system automatically generates a report and sends it to the people concerned. Recently a data analyst was also added to the project team. We hope this will allow us to extract even more information from the collected data.

We had fun working on the improvements of the report generator, and creating extra questions that were added to the Kameleonrace. We are very curious about the new insights we will gain in 2018! In any case, the insights from 2017 were remarkable.

Are you interested in a Fire Safety at home road show or information vehicle that can do just a little more? Feel free to contact us, or take a look at our portfolio of Fire Safety at home projects!