Support vehicle for educational information

22 January 2019

The Van Vlam vehicle supports the East Flemish Brabant rescue zone in the provision of information!

On Wednesday September 19 the official opening for the Family Van Vlam vehicle took place. The vehicle is developed by Fireware in close cooperation with East Flemish Brabant. "Van Vlam" is an information vehicle that makes people aware of the risk of fire and gives them guidance in fire prevention. But it also collects valuable data so that even better and more targeted information can be provided in the future.

"Van Vlam" is an interactive game in which visitors can see various statements about fire-safe life. There are 4 players behind the buttons. The idea is to have your character run away as quickly as possible from a burning house to a safe gathering place. The players answer questions and if the answer is correct, his or her character will run faster. The one who first hits the safe gathering place wins the game.

It is enormously valuable that an information vehicle or road show can - in addition to providing information - also collect data about the visitors' knowledge. This makes it possible to provide even more effective information. Information that ultimately results in fewer fires, fewer casualties and less damage.

Every show is different: the questions that are asked come from a database. Which questions will be answered correctly and which are wrong? Is it the entire subject where one scores well or less well on or only a part? This information gives a lot of insight to provide more targeted information!

This project is done in cooperation with the East Flemish Brabant rescue zone. Oscare vzw and Feld Carrosserie have helped us tremendously with the construction of the vehicle. FireWare enjoyed working on this project!

Are you interested in a BVL road show or information vehicle that can do just a little more? Feel free to contact us, or take a look at our portfolio of BVL projects!

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