Smoke generator maintenance and repair course for four (!) safety regions at FireWare

15 December 2022

FireWare's smoke generators are capable of creating very realistic smoke images for exercises. Not surprisingly, more and more fire brigades and safety regions are using the Cumulus, Stratus, Nimbo and Cirrus! And then it is nice when a user is able to maintain and repair his machines by himself.

Four safety regions simultaneously

On 14 December, no fewer than four safety regions were guests of FireWare. Technicians from Safety Region Noord-Holland-Noord, Safety Region Kennemerland, Safety Region Zaanstreek-Waterland and Safety Region Fryslân shared their experiences with FireWare technicians. This led to some great insights. Because, you can learn a lot from each other!

Collaboration is people work

FireWare technicians like to share their experiences, knowledge and tricks of the trade. But they also appreciate to get to know each other.  After all, cooperation is a human effort. It is nice to know who you are talking to on the phone when you contact them about a technical problem or the availability of a part. “Getting faces to the names”!

Mutual trust is so great that the safety region itself can decide whether a repair is under warranty or not. That cuts a lot of red tape for both parties! Moreover "simple" cases and numerous more difficult situations were discussed. When do you still repair and when is it wiser to replace? What criteria do you use in this respect? Interesting discussions at the intersection of technology and policy ensured mutual understanding.

Specially prepared smoke generators

After a morning of theory, people worked hard on the smoke generators specially prepared for this training. From settings to blockages, from thermocouples to pumps and from power cords to inspections. Everything was covered. After attending this training, the region’s technicians are flawlessly able to repair the most common malfunctions and perform maintenance checks themselves. All this with the special “handy” tools and special “tricks”.

Win-win-win for everyone

Most problems with a smoke machine are very easy to solve yourself. The time it takes to prepare a machine for shipment, send it in, repair it at FireWare and send it back again is many times longer than repairing it yourself on location. After training, most repairs can be done in 15 minutes to half an hour. How effective! This saves a lot of time, money and logistics costs, but above all annoyance.

Inspiring cooperation

In these times of component scarcity, limited supply of good technicians and environmental concerns, it is important that we treat each other and our environment differently. By really connecting with each other, trusting each other and pragmatically tackling challenges, it is easy to take big steps. In any case, we at FireWare are very happy with this form of cooperation. After all, in our eyes there are only winners!

Collaborate in a different way too?

FireWare runs special courses for technicians who have a lot to do with the maintenance and repair of exercise equipment. Feel free to contact us to explore cooperation possibilities with your region or training centre!