Learning skills remotely

Learning skills remotely

Our lifestyle has suddenly changed. Also work changed. Previously we had joint working in the evening, this now becomes difficult or impossible. It should not be that nothing happens anymore to competence in the care sector. What is still possible? In which alternative ways can we implement training and practice?

A lot of questions and few answers. On this page we share initiatives and experiences regarding "learning skills remotely". Webinars, streaming, e-learning, Elo, but also the social aspect. What is going well, but above all, what's not good and what can others learn? At present, Safety Regions North Holland North, South Holland South, Gelderland South, Mentaalbewust and FireWare have joined forces. We learn from each other and share experiences on this steep learning curve. We do not guard this information to ourselves, we actively share it through social media and on this site.

Do you need information or want to contribute? Do not hesitate to contact us. We love working together. Sharing with others enriches you!



Remote learning to take a break


Remote learning has been an amazing adventure. The lockdown compelled us to look at alternatives for learning and teaching skills, and the use of webinars meant that we have celebrated successes and learnt from our errors. We have been able to both inspire and be inspired. The underlying reason why

Discussing the future of fire-fighting webinars (and sausage rolls)


Through, which is devoted to teaching skills remotely, the experiences of various safety regions in hosting webinars for first responders have been shared – both the good and the bad experiences. But one cannot put everything on paper or broadcast it online, and a great deal more knowledge can

Experiences and lessons learned by the Mentaalbewust team in the FireWare studio


On Wednesday, 22 April the FireWare studio served as the stage for a live webinar by Paul and Jasper Weyling of the Mentaalbewust team (an organisation that focuses on improving mental health awareness). A group of 40 senior staff, who were able to participate interactively by webcam and using the

Creating a safe (online) learning environment: but for whom?


At FireWare we do not judge the contents of a Webinar or (online) training. We facilitate the process of knowledge transfer. Either in person, or in an online environment. And we are more than occupied by that! You see the image? How is the sound quality? Will the streaming be

5 Ideas (and a few more) for fire instructors who will give a webinar


As many people know, FireWare started from a theatre technical origin. From these origins, we help to give substance to staging, BVL, competece and remain skilled of aid workers. In recent weeks we have collaborated intensively, at least 1.5 meters apart, with several instructors in the industry. We have learned

The scalability of your image


Als instructeur heb je een platform. Of live voor de klas, of voor een camera. Je geeft les, je onderwijst. Dat is een grote verantwoordelijkheid. En dat vraagt om passie. Anders hou je het simpelweg niet vol. Met de tijd leer je dat je bepaalde zaken in een specifieke situatie

Column: From Spark to Flame – from WhatsApp to Webinar


We like to share this column by Bas Bor from Safety Region South Holland South. A nice behind the scenes image before, during and after the live webinars of the security regions. From Spark to Flame – from WhatsApp to Webinar While running, you often have time to reflect and

The three circles of qualified remote working: software selection


If only it were so easy to name one software which we can all use. Then we would not spend time writing this article. But unfortunately, practice is different from theory. We compared the situation of the webinars of the safety regions Noord-Holland Noord and Zuid-Holland Zuid. The basics are

The first findings of our evening session trial run for the North-Holland North Safety Region


Everything was set up by Wednesday evening, 1 April for FireWare’s first ever online evening exercise session. The trial run was performed in our Wieringerwerf studio, which was fitted out specifically for this purpose and the session was conducted for the North-Holland North Safety Region and dealt with gas meters.

Sharing is caring: learning skills remotely


Many emergency response bodies are currently struggling to learn and maintain skills. Remote teaching is a way to continue developing skills, even in these challenging times. While a  number of different projects have already been performed, such as the webinars and instruction videos released by the South-Holland South Safety Region,

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Watch our free webinar: Creating realistic training environments


At FireWare, we naturally find it unfortunate that the Interschutz of June 2020 has been postponed to next year. We would love to show you

North-Holland North Safety Region live webinar: ‘Small extinguishers’


On Tuesday evening, 28 April, a new live webinar will be hosted by the North-Holland North Safety Region. Fire hoses, foam extinguishers, CO2 extinguishers, a

Live Webinar Safety Region North Holland North: “Human Factors”


Human Factors are a common theme in modern incident control. Yet we do not know what is really meant by it. The idea of Human

New live webinar Safety Region North Holland – Firefighting: “Living in the past”


Innovative or maybe old-fashioned views about firefighting. From Jan van der Heijden to Cobra Cold Cut. Patrick Nugter has a passion for history. And especially

And don’t forget the webinar “Cutting Techniques at THV” by Safety Region South Holland South


After the success we had last time, we have on Wednesday April 8 at 20:00 time for a new interpretation of the practice evening! Both

Do not forget the Webinars and tutorials of Safety region South Holland South


The team skills of Safety Region South Holland South works towards an alternative proposal of the training evenings. Not only for the organisation but also