Baby Duty Range Drag Dummy

RST-707-106 Oefenpop Duty-range baby 5kg
RST-707-106 Oefenpop Duty-range baby 5kg

The baby drag dummy set consists of:

  • 1x Baby Duty Range Drag Dummy (5 kg), supplied with an overall
  • case

Rental prices:

  • Article number / First day: RST-707-106 / €25,-
  • Article number / Extra day: REX-707-106 / €2,-

Baby drag dummy

The Baby Duty Range Drag Dummy is suitable for positioning in a pram, car seat or cot as part of a training scenario. This training dummy has the same proportions as an adult and weights 30 kilograms. The dummy is realistically manageable: it allows for rescues in a Rautek grip, or aftercare in a stable recovery position. This duty range dummy is also suitable for high rescues with a harness or climbing harness. The dummy is wearing sturdy rubber boots.

The dummy is filled with fixed material, resulting in all limbs having a realistic weight which doesn’t move. The dummy is very robust and can be run over or dropped from a great height, without incurring any damage. A strong loop is attached to the dummy’s back, which makes the dummy easy to grab hold off during preparatory activities. Please note: the dummy is not resistant to cutting. This training dummy can be used in training rooms where real fire is being used and can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius.

You can give the dummy an even more realistic look by renting the clothing package too. You can subsequently choose a clothing package which suits your training exercise’s scenario and location.

Optionally available for rent:

  • Training dummy’s clothing package
  • Wound set for simulating realistic wounds
  • Shout Box in order for the dummy to shout out interactively
  • Weighted vest to add weight
  • Heat pack vest, to make the dummy looks more noticeable during training exercises with a thermal imaging camera