Remote learning to take a break

02 July 2020

Remote learning has been an amazing adventure. The lockdown compelled us to look at alternatives for learning and teaching skills, and the use of webinars meant that we have celebrated successes and learnt from our errors. We have been able to both inspire and be inspired.

The underlying reason why we launched was a sad one. COVID-19 has caused an enormous amount of grief and upheaval, but we’ve all made the best of a bad situation – every person in their own way.

A personal vision

What we learnt is that there are no absolute truths when it comes to hosting webinars and remote teaching. Everybody has their own approach, and they always have the best intentions at heart. By sharing content and ideas we give others the opportunity to in turn develop their own vision with respect to the subject matter. That is a great thing, and probably the biggest benefit and value provided by

Summer is coming and society is once again becoming more open, even though the 1.5 meter rule is still in place. That means that the lessons we have learnt in the last few months are still relevant and applicable. FireWare will be refurbishing its studio over the summer and it will be enlarged and become a permanent feature of the company. We will continue to grow and experiment, only now it will be in a different form.

A look to the future

For the moment we will no longer be sharing our experiences through That’s because it is time for the next phase, and after a hectic period it is now time to reflect and evaluate, together with our partners. We naturally want to share our experiences one more time, but that will come after the summer.

FireWare extends its heartfelt thanks to everybody who made a contribution, in any form whatsoever, to It has been an extraordinary journey and we had many fascinating interactions and learnt a great deal.

Enjoy your holidays, and we’ll see you again after the summer!