Realistic manikins for the CBRN National Training Centre

10 July 2020

Last Monday FireWare provided a range of highly realistic training manikins to the CBRN National Training Centre in Vught. FireWare and the Defence CBRN centre have joined forces to make exercises as realistic as possible. It gives us much pleasure to publish the report by Captain (R) Yaïr da Costa on the event. 

Realistic manikins for the CBRN National Training Centre

In early July the Defence Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Training Centre (DCBRNC) received their realistic manikins, which will in due course be deployed in the CBRN National Training Centre (NTC) in Vucht. The manikins have highly realistic wounds that could occur during CBRN or other emergencies, and were provided by the Dutch company FireWare. As opposed to the standard dolls used for exercises, the new mannikins are extraordinarily realistic. They don't just look like people, their injuries are also amazingly realistic. This includes mannikins with burns, injuries from blasts and other CBRN-related wounds.

The mannikins were acquired by the DCBRNC from Dutch company FireWare, which supplies training equipment and exercise props to a wide range of emergency response bodies, including the ultra-realistic mannikins now used by the CBRN NTC. The CBRN National Training Centre has a six-hectare exercise ground that accommodates a variety of realistic scenarios. This includes a full shopping centre mock-up, an airplane fuselage and a complete metro station. The site is regularly used by civil emergency response, anti-terrorism and military units, both from the Netherlands and further afield. The new manikins mean that CBRN NTC users will soon be exposed to even more realistic scenarios.

If you are interested in using the Defence CBRN centre, then please check it out on the CBRN National Training Centre's website:

Images used are from FireWare and the Defense CBRN Center.