The Trigion Mobile Training Unit for emergency response training

Working in close cooperation with Trigion, FireWare developed the mobile training unit (MTU). This trailer can be driven with a BE license, and incorporates everything to provide a dynamic, interactive emergency response training on location!

Rethink company emergencies education

This mobile training unit replaces the traditional gas trailer Trigion already offered. This unit is selected for numerical simulation and game techniques instead of using gas made fires. Extinguishing is obviously an important part of any company emergency response training (BHV). It can now be practiced on a much wider scale. Think of a wide variety of emergency scenarios, the use of the AED and emergencies, gas measuring, reporting and transmission of the incident to the professional rescuer.

To bring knowledge and skills to the student we are working with playing/learning. Participants are challenged in the game room to answer as quickly as possible to different questions about BHV. The star of the game room is the Bernadette robot. Bernadette's head is a screen on which the questions are asked, and feedback is provided. The robot is completely modelled in the style of the Facilicom Group, the Trigion parent company.

Different types of questions

Of course it is possible to use A/B and true/false questions. Here we go far further however. It is possible to scan objects. The system then checks whether the correct object is scanned.  The training leader can challenge a student to scan the appropriate disinfectant. It is also possible to scan objects in a particular order. Think of scanning all the items needed to treat a scrape, and of course used in the right order!

And then it also is possible to work with camera questions. This working method is ideal for testing skills. The student is challenged to quickly establish a connection. Through the built-in webcam of the Bernadette Robot, a picture is taken of the outcome. The photo is sent to the iPad of the teacher. He or she can then assess whether the command was executed properly.

FireWare Interactive Incident Trainer, F.I.I.T.

In addition to the game room, our mobile Trigion solution is equipped with a F.I.I.T.. Participants will be guided through the whole process of a simulated accident. The student sees an accident happen, will react and makes the transfer to the professional rescuer. On top of the basic equipment, the Trigion F.I.I.T. includes a practice fire hose reel, digital practice extinguishers, a fire control room, AED training, training gas meter and a first aid kit. To assess the resuscitation technique we use an advanced reanimation dummy.

The interior light of our trailer changes light automatically according to the scenario. Thus lighting varies from flashing lights in a disco, to blue flashing lights on ambulance arrival and to cold fluorescent lighting in the office. We always get you the right atmosphere!

More first aid and reanimation scenarios

F.I.I.T. makes it possible to simulate different (first aid) incidents. Think of scenarios with high energy injuries, different types of cuts, circulation shutdowns, allergic reactions, bone fractures, various fall scenarios and much more.  Training in F.I.I.T. never is boring with all these accidents. Every year we add environments and incidents, confronting the student to new dilemmas.


The new Trigion mobile training unit is designed as "customized for the end user". The simulation room environments are so quick to change that customization can be provided not only for each organization, but also for individual users. Some scenarios may be practiced in a hospital environment. But inside the hospital we have a ward, a workshop and a kitchen. Depending on the emergency workplace within the organization, both the environment and the type of incident that is practiced can be modified.

Different learning tools

Each group taught has its own group dynamics. This unit is designed so that many forms can be taught. Both in the classroom, individually and in small groups. There are different games to play on game columns, in different forms. A game can be selected in line with the target group, so that students can work independently. The unique design with specially designed benches allows the game room to be used as a classroom. The students then watch on a big screen what is happening in the F.I.I.T. and then can give feedback.

Digital extinguishing

Of course we also perform extinguishing in the new training unit. Several simulation extinguishers are present. You have a CO2 extinguisher, spray foam extinguisher and hose reels. The flames are projected onto one of the three walls.  Dozens of fire scenarios are available in the course of time, supplements can be added over time.

Extinguishing is done digitally.  Instead of an extinguishing agent, a blue light emanates from the extinguisher. The extinguisher makes the same sound as a true fire extinguisher, has the same weight and the same operation method. It even works as long as a real extinguisher. Through WIFI the extinguisher communicates with the simulator, working interactively.

Indoor Climate

How more pleasant the indoor climate, the better the student training experience. Much attention is therefore given to climate control in the trailer. In each space a comprehensive air-conditioning and heating unit is mounted. This provides a comfortable temperature. Temperatures in the F.I.I.T. are increased in fire situations, so the training leader can give a little warmth experience to the student. Also roof-mounted fans are added for ventilation. Thus training can take place both in the winter cold and in the summer heat!


The new mobile unit incorporates everything needed for a good company emergency customized training. Fully integrated batteries allow short training sessions. For longer sessions a shore power connection can be arranged. And if there is no shore power connection available at the course location? Then the built-in silent generator achieves sufficient power for the complete training in a pleasant temperature.

At the front of the trailer you find a large storage space for every supply, the charging of the handsets, tablets, and fire extinguishers.

An engineering marvel

The new Trigion training unit can really be seen as a technical masterpiece. The trailer construction, built in cooperation with Feld Bodywork from Hoorn, is also equipped with air suspension and insulated wall panels.

In order to have a maximum noise reduction in the training unit, the motor vehicle unit is placed in a sound-proofed casing. It uses the same diesel tank as the trigger. This brings many advantages. It is easier for the instructor to refuel. But also the risk of "old" fuel and thereby the risk of diesel bacterium is reduced to a maximum.

The large battery pack ensures that the unit also can operate independently for some time, without a spinning aggregate. Nice to have it! And also an outlet is available at the customer, and the training unit can be connected. Optionally, the power the training unit obtains from the power cord can be reduced. This is useful when the customer has no available free group. The shortage is automatically replenished from the battery or the generator. A deficiency will automatically see the generator started. The instructor does not have to worry about this. This unique system is designed in collaboration with Whisper Power.

The attention of the instructor and the stoker should be with the student, technology must only be supportive. Therefore one iPad easily operates the whole installation. And if unfortunately something goes wrong?  FireWare technicians can always watch and give support remotely. The built-in 4G modem takes care of this!

Ready for the future

Every year we add new scenarios, environments, events and games. This is of course in response to events. Trigion is ready for the future with this new training unit. Everything is designed to give the student a spectacular learning experience. This experience makes the student a better Emergency Assistant (BHV). And that's what it finally all about!

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