Electro game for fire prevention

The smoke container with the electro game was a fun and creative challenge for FireWare at the start of 2014. The North Holland North Safety Region contacted FireWare with an old smoke container with a kitchen and living room and some lenticular pictures. FireWare was asked to come up with a fun solution for a fire prevention promotion during festivities like markets and fairs.

Contemporary solution

FireWare came up with a fresh new stickering design and a general revamp for both the inside and outside of the container. An electro game was installed at the back. Special fire hoses needed to be used to link pictures to text boxes. The pictures are lenticular. This means a different image can be seen if you change the viewing angle. For example, one picture shows a mother cooking, whilst the children are playing at the table. Change the viewing angle and you will see a flame in the pan and a terrified mother. Any passing children (or adults) have to link the picture to the correct description of the situation. Auke Raaff is very enthusiastic about the game:''The electro game has made the information provision more active, more contemporary.'

Raaff also explained why the North Holland North Safety Region opted for FireWare to help with this projecten:''We decided to enter into this collaboration because of the realistic depiction of possibilities within our budget and because FireWare sensed where our priorities were. And especially because of the enormous creativity and enthusiasm!'