Didactic Escape room ‘The Roving Reporter’

FireWare developed a unique mobile didactic escaperoom especially for the COPI days of the Gooi en Vechtstreek Safety Region of and the Flevoland Safety Region.

In this escaperoom you can work on the "soft" side. Think of things like communication, prioritization, collective memory and collaboration. In the meantime, this didactic escaperoom is also used in other regions!

The participants enter a room with a large arena with various radio graphically controlled cars. Every car has unique characteristics. At the head of the arena is a monitor. Here you can see the introduction film, which runs in a loop. For each participant there is a safe with a numerical lock. In this safe you can find the remote control of one of the cars.

At a certain point the game leader presses start: the game starts. On the screen, the roving reporter arrives in his press bus. He gives the participants an explanation of the game. An image will soon appear showing the location of the cars. The participants have to reproduce this setup in the arena. As soon as this succeeds, they can send a photo to the editors by pressing the button. If the setup is correct, the next setup will be shown. If the setup is not correct, the participants may make a new attempt.

First, the participants have to access their remote control. The codes for this are displayed. But every 12 seconds the codes change position and appearance; that's the first challenge the group has to overcome!

After having reproduced 6 setups well, the game is over. On average, depending on the number of participants the duration of the game is between 45 minutes and 120 minutes. The game leader evaluates the photos. He can see the photo of the requested setup on an iPad and can either approve or disapprove of the setup.

The characters and environments in the game can be adjusted to suit your needs. That's how the game really fits your organisation! Ideal for working together on communication, prioritisation, teamwork, overview and memory. This escaperoom can also be rented!

Of course, FireWare can also develop other challenging simulations and games adapted to your specific learning and teaching goals! Please contact us for more information.