Didactic escape room at Intertraining

Surely you have heard of them: escape rooms are hot. They are all about people being physically locked up in a confined room. The room is filled with clues to crack a code. The code can be used to escape the room. However, escape rooms aren’t just exciting; they can also be highly educational. Imagine the value an escape room could add to a training for a company emergency team?

FireWare and Intertraining collaborated in developing the first escape room for company emergency teams. There are 4 fully interactive rooms in which the participants are confronted with questions and riddles about fire, life-saving measures, communication and evacuation. Their experience is the principal focus of the escape room. We can promise you this: it will certainly not be boring or easy! The participant searches the room looking for answers and clues and tries to crack the code in order to escape. This escape room helps Intertraining to add a whole new dimension to the education of company emergency teams in the Netherlands.

Unique design features

A unique feature of the design process is confined in the sneak previews existing Intertraining customers got about the escape room through videos. They have provided feedback that in its turn was used to finetune the concept in the process of developing and to customize it for the target group. A method that satisfied all parties involved!

For this appliance, FireWare developed a dedicated escape room controller. This is the installation’s heart and ensures the full operation and monitoring of the 4 connected rooms. The instructor can control the entire installation with an iPad. Each room is provided with cameras that show the participants’ actions. Are they struggling with a problem? Does it take too long to find an answer? The instructor can help them by showing tips on the monitors in the rooms.


The experience is created by means of specials effects, light and sound effects and projection. The installation has two options: an educational option, where the focus is on the educational aspect and an escape option that focuses on the recreational purpose of the installation, like team building sessions.

The rooms

The first room’s theme is fire safety. In this room, the focus is on fire safety issues that company first responders could encounter. The participants are asked about the functioning of smoke detectors, fire classes, CO and extinctors. They use touch screens, buttons and speakers to crack the code and to unlock the next room.

The next room is all about life-saving actions. There are dummies in the room on which various injuries are projected. The participant is challenged to come up with the right answers, while racing against the clock …

In the communication room, the participant is flooded with information. It is his job to filter out the necessary bits and pieces to solve the communication issues a company first responder might have.

The final room deals with evacuation. The participant stands over a burning  3-D model of a building. By solving puzzles, the building can be safely evacuated. Once everyone is safe, the participant can escape from the confined room!

Also interested?

Are you also interested in designing your own didactical escape room? Please contact us so we can discuss how we can be of assistance!